Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Decorating Living Room with Throw Pillows

Decorating your living room does not need to be expensive you can add a fresh look easily with a set of coordinating throw pillows.  When it comes to decorating with pillow it is best coordinate the pillows with your furniture.

This picture shows various blue pillow sizes as well as texture, fabric, color and style.  All of the pillows have a unique look however they coordinate well with each other.  A set of pillows such as this one will compliment a blue theme home as they are eye appealing. 
Before you shop for living room throw pillows determine the style of your room.  There are variety of pillow styles; floral, girly, vintage, country, modern, seasonal and more.  The style that you choose should compliment your décor.

Interior Decorating Tips

  1. When you determine the style you will then decide on the colors that will work with your living room décor.  
  2. Pick out three primary colors.  As an example a pink, green and beige patterned or floral pillow will accent a green themed room nicely
  3. Coordinate this green pattern pillow with a solid primary color and you will have a set of throw pillow accents for your sofa or your chair. 
  4. Buy throw pillows as a set; choose 4 to 6 for a sofa, one for an accent chair.  An interesting pillow arrangement would feature several sizes.
Here are throw pillows that I designed and some pillow finds from zazzle.com and beso.com.  Click onto the photo to view in the store and to check for current prices.

Floral Throw Pillow
Girly Throw Pillow
Vintage Throw Pillow
Modern Throw Pillow

Seasonal throw pillows Summer Autumn and Winter

Oriental Orange Tiger Lily Pillows
Oriental Orange Tiger Lily Pillows by Susang6
Check out more Orange Pillows at Zazzle
Central Park Winter Path - New York City Pillows
Central Park Winter Path - New York City Pillows by NYThroughTheLens

View this You Tube video to learn more about choosing throw pillows for your home decor. 



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