Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rooster Kitchen Décor Ideas

Normally I would not decorate my kitchen with roosters and chickens but for some reason my family must think it would be a good idea because recently I received rooster mugs and a poster.  The country barnyard/rooster theme for my kitchen is growing on me and I really think it is perfect for my adobe style home with the stucco walls that are painted a warm gold with turquoise trim.

I like the idea of the vintage rooster coffee mugs hanging from my bakers rack as well 4 to 6 mix and match barnyard plates.  A canister for my herbal tea bags tucked in a corner on the kitchen counter, coordinated towels, apron, napkins and placement will certainly make my kitchen more cheerful.  Add a rooster framed print and a wall clock and the kitchen will look very eye appealing.

If you are like me and are thinking about updating or adding to your country kitchen theme then here are some rooster products that I found at zazzle that I recommend. 

Vintage Farming Victorian Print Rooster
Vintage Farming Victorian Print Rooster by Biblioartgifts

I love the zazzle table lamps because they are the perfect size for a recipe desk or small to medium accent table.  Two are perfect for a buffet.  The shade comes in three types of fabric; polyester, rice paper and linen.  My lamp has rice paper and both my husband and I like the look.  A well made lamp at a fair price.