Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pretty Pastels: Decorating with Zazzle Kitchen Towels

In my kitchen I have a drawer full of towels that I work with in the kitchen, cleaning and and wiping the dishes but when it comes to decorating my kitchen I like to feature pretty towels on my bakers rack, oven door and in a basket on top of my counter.  Some kitchen towels are too pretty to be hidden in a drawer.

This photo shows a lovely vase of yellow tulips on the kitchen counter.  However the rest of the kitchen needs to be decorated for spring.  If you add some pastel towels to the oven door and add a stack of founded towels spilling out of a woven basket this kitchen will look so pretty.

I used to buy the bulk of my kitchen towels at because my husband like the quality that they offered, but now I buy designer towels from because I like the that I can buy as is or make a towel from one of my photographs. I can also personalize with a monogram and then the towel makes a thoughtful gift.  

Currently I shopping for pastel towels for my spring kitchen.  I intend to decorate my kitchen and also give some pastel towels as an Easter gift to my sister.  I am not particular about my pastel colors but do tend to buy yellow, pink and green. I think this color combination is complimentary.  If you like the idea of decorating your kitchen with pastel kitchen towels, then before you shop online it is best to decide your color theme for spring.

The zazzle kitchen towels are made of made of 100% cotton twill.  They are durable and are designed for a lifetime of use; these machine washable kitchen towels look great and clean up well.

Here are a few pastel kitchen towels that I found while shopping at zazzle.




Rainbow Pastel Florals Hand Towel
Rainbow Pastel Florals Hand Towel by Lasting__Impressions
View other Wedding Kitchen Towels at



If you have not shopped at lately then you may have missed out on their kitchen décor products; beverage pitcher, canisters, hanging lamps, party plates, table linens and a variety of colors and theme kitchen towels.

Get inspired to decorate your table for spring by viewing this You Tube video.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Let’s Decorate Kitchen with Spring Flower Accessories

I am in the mood for decorating for spring how about you?  The winter has been long, dark and extremely cold which makes me ready for some cheerful daffodil and irises flower prints.  These spring floral patterned accessories will chase the winter blues away and make your kitchen décor feel cheerful and welcoming to your family and friends.

I don’t know about you but everyone hangs out in the kitchen at my house, so it makes perfect sense that this room should be decorated with spring focal points that are eye appealing. Add a touch of spring by accenting your china cabinet, bakers rack or hutch with pretty spring themed plates, mugs and other kitchen accessories.  Another way to make this room more festive is to add hand or kitchen towels and aprons as accents

Here are a few of my favorite kitchen home decorations; daffodils and irises that will make your kitchen come alive.   I found all of these products at zazzle and if you like what you see but want to view a large photograph then click on the image and it will take you to the shop.

Happy spring everyone.


Spring daffodil flowers in watering can
Decorate for spring with daffodil flowers

Party Plates

Beautiful Daffodils Plate
Beautiful Daffodils Plate by VenisM
Browse more Daffodil Plates at Zazzle

Coffee Mugs


Daffodil Hand or Kitchen Towel

Daffodil Spring Flower Botanical Drawing Towel
Daffodil Spring Flower Botanical Drawing Towel by CountryGarden
Browse Zazzle for a different hand towel.

Other Daffodil and Irises Kitchen Accents

Accent your Walls for Spring

Daffodil Hill Barn Posters
Daffodil Hill Barn Posters by b_adams_studio
Look at other Flowers Posters at