Friday, December 2, 2016

Custom Keepsake Pewter Snowflake Ornament

Christmas ornaments that are custom made with a photograph or a saying from your heart make thoughtful memories for your holiday tree.  When you give a custom made pewter snowflake ornament you are giving the recipient a memory and every year thereafter when they decorate their tree they will remember you.

Today I was hired to create a keepsake memory for a grandmother who found an old family photograph.  The photograph should have been remastered but my client did not want that instead, she said, "do what you can to create a keepsake ornament."  She had faith in me and I did my best to design something beautiful.

The photograph was not big enough for the frame and could not be enlarged due to the resolution.  So I did a background color and overlay of silver snowflakes.  I erased the snowflakes from the center of the ornament to show the lovely family then combined before adding shading to soften the appearance.  This layered design then was uploaded to a pewter snowflake ornament.

This ornament is a template and you are welcome to create a happy memory with one of your family photographs.  Here is the finished silver snowflake ornament that I created.

Add Your Family Photo to Snowflake Ornament

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Decorative Christmas Pattern Pillows

Who doesn't love decorative Christmas pillows on their sofa, bed or accent chair? Colorful holiday prints; snowman, Christmas tree and Santa Claus are few of my favorites. I find that when I walk into a room and see a variety of accent pillows on the sofa, I think that this seating area looks very inviting.

This week I have been busy creating decorative pillows for the Christmas season. Know that pillows are a great way to “deck your halls.” or living space.

Here are my favorite Christmas pillows….you’ll want a few for your living space, and why not buy a set as a gift.

2-Sided Christmas Santa Claus Decorative Pillow

Be Jolly Santa Claus Christmas Lumbar Pillow

Green and Red Merry Christmas Throw Pillow

Be Jolly 2 Sided Christmas Green Throw Pillow

View all of my Christmas decorative pillows here.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Decorating Christmas Tree with Cat Ornaments

You bet I am a cat lover and think that a Christmas tree that is decorated with cat ornaments would be super cute for home office, veterinarian office or the living room of a cat lover. 

I thought  I would buy a real balsam Christmas tree and decorate it with a cat ornaments and cat toy garland that I would make. The tree would be given to the lady who helps me with the care of the feral and the stray cats in  my neighborhood.  

This cat caretaker is a senior citizen that really love cats. So as a way to thank her I have decided to give her a cat theme Christmas tree that is decorated with cat ornaments, mouse catnip products and do a ball with bell cat toy garland.  I may add da-bird cat toy with the bright colored feathers to the decorations, then she can use this cat toy after the holiday season to play with her cat.

Needless to say, I was excited about my cat decoration idea and shared it with a friend of mine that heads up a small cat organization in another city. She loved the idea and asked me to create a tree for her also. She said to decorate it the same way as I had mentioned and she gave me a great budget for products for the job. (I am all smiles)

I am excited about the cat themed Christmas trees because I think the idea is super cute, plus I know the decorated tree will make many people smile.

Here are a few ornaments that my friend sandyspider designed and a few of my ornaments. I also found some cat Christmas ornaments online at and If you are interested in learning more about these ornaments click on the orange highlighted words bellow the cat ornament widget.

Animal Ornaments
Animal Ornaments
by Photo Gifts By Sgolis

Friday, September 30, 2016

Autumn is Blanket Weather

When you think of the autumn season you think of cool days and nights or warm days with cool nights. The weather in autumn can change in an hours time so one needs to be ready for anything, including having blankets on the bed and in the den.
Pets LIKE Cozy Fleece Blankets
Last night was definitely autumn blanket weather,  in fact, it was so cool that I shut the windows and put two fleece blankets on the bed. We did not turn on the furnace nor did we start a fire in wood burning stove. The fleece blankets  kept us warm and cozy on a cool autumn night.
Buy Fleece Blankets at
This morning I woke up at five o’clock. and did some housework and  warmed the living room with the space heater, then sat down to watch the news. The house felt cold so I covered up with a tartan fleece blanket and my dog got up on the sofa and laid next to me. The combination of dog and blanket was cozy.

Everyone is telling me that winter is going to be cold and snowy this year so I will  be shopping at for fleece blankets, I like the patterns and they always have daily sales. Here are a few blankets that I recommend. Click onto the product to view, You can buy the blankets as shown or customize by uploading your own photograph.

See other gifts available on Zazzle.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Fall Decor – Creating a Cozy Living Space

Create a cozy living room for your family and friends to relax by adding fall colors. Orange, golden brown and burgundy are a few of my favorite fall colors because they make the space feel warm and inviting.

Add fall ambiance to your space with decorations. Fall leaf printed pillows for your sofa, a rustic metal container with yellow mums, fall landscape poster for your wall are just a few ways that you can decorate your space with for fall.

Know that the fall season can be rainy or cool so family will be spending more time indoors. The throw pillows are great for the kids for watching TV or sitting on the floor, a throw blanket is also a good idea draped over the sofa.

Accent the coffee table with a leaf pattern table runner, then add candles and a bowl of nuts. You may also want to add a board game or a puzzle. I got this idea from my sister in law, games added to the living space creates a family activity.

Shop for your fall decorations at Find lovely autumn leaves or landscape patterned room accents for less. Take advantage of the daily sales on quality fall décor.

Here are a few living room sets that I designed. They will show you how to create a cozy living space. All of these sets feature my fall décor products that I designed. View my fall home decorations here.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Decorating ideas for Sunroom

I love my sunroom even though it is really small (9x11). At one time this space was a deck off a bedroom, but the owner before me enclosed the deck by installing walls, windows, and a roof. It is a small space that is not insulated, but the enclosure makes it nice and it has a view of the garden. A change to the decorating will make this space perfect and here is my inspiration sunroom. I designed the home set at

I thought I would redecorate this space by changing the color on the walls to light gray with white enamel trim on the baseboards and window ledges. Then buy room darkening blackout shades or drapes from The shades or drapes need not be expensive, but they do have to be able to block the sun because this room gets the southern sun in the afternoon.

The blackout window treatments will benefit this room by blocking the sun and they will also add insulation.

Another way to redecorate this space is to add a focal point. I think I will create a focal area or feature in this space by adding a love seat in a neutral color; beige or tan. The sofa will be up against the side window. This will enable front and opposite window views of the garden.

Adding assorted throw pillows to the sofa will sure make it look inviting. For this room, I have selected the accent color blue. I shopped at and found pattern throw pillows and other blue wall accents, plus color coordinating Mosaic print table runner for the coffee table.

The interior redesign of this room is coming together but before I can check off that it is completed, we have to address the flooring. The floor covering has to be updated, right now it is a laminated peel and stick green print tile over the wood deck. I do not like it and would prefer Berber carpet with padding because it will add insulation to the sunroom and the neutral color will be complementary.

There is room for a few plants, I could hang a spider plant in the corner or add a potted palm tree. These plants would add ambiance to the sunroom and the palm would act as an air purifier.

I am satisfied with these decorating ideas because the sunroom will look larger and eye appealing. A room where one would go to relax and enjoy the view of wildlife in the garden.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas – Porch and Beyond

Many people enjoy decorating the front yard and entrance for the fall season. Fall is generally the season when people gather for home parties or other activities. A festively decorating entrance is a good way to welcome your guests and to make your home feel cozy during the fall season.
Decorate with pumpkins

Know that you do not have to go crazy. You can create cozy ambiance with pumpkins in a planter urn, two autumn leaves wreaths, outdoor lights; spotlight or solar mason jar and potted chrysanthemums.

Add decorations to your porch an entrance with a maple leaf door wreath, a medium size planter urn could hold another wreath that is turned to its side with a pumpkin sitting in the middle. Then scatter a few pumpkins on the steps. Buy solar light and set it up so that it highlights your front porch or other outdoor lights. I found special effect lights at amazing that I like, they are clear like mason jars and have lights inside. Add a few to your fall decorations and your home entrance will look festive for the fall season.

If you have a yard and you want to add more fall decorations then consider a wood wheelbarrow filled with pumpkins and assorted mums. Set this yard display close to your homes entrance and it will compliment your fall decorations.

In this digital design, you will see how this idea looks when it is put together. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Real Tree Home Decor Ideas

If you are a nature lover then it makes perfect sense to accent your home with real tree decorations. I like trees, I enjoy taking photographs of trees especially during the fall season. When the leaves change to gold, orange and red it is spectacular. I also like to photograph trees in the winter, at dawn when the moon is setting in the west and the sun is coming up in the east, the light on the trees is mystical is a dreamy sort of way. These photographs enabled me to create real tree home decoration; throw pillows, table runner, and incredible wall art.

When you decorate your home with real trees you will add a coziness to your space. Along with products, I also like to add fresh evergreen and pine cone arrangement for my coffee table because this will add a nature woodsy fragrance to your space. If you prefer you can buy a silk arrangement and then add balsam and cedar home fragrance oil. Use this oil in a fragrance oil warmer and get a woodsy natural fragrance.

Here is a home set that I designed at Polyvore this set will inspire you to decorate your living areas with real trees.

Real Trees Home Accents

Shop for the real tree home decor here and at

Thursday, May 19, 2016

White Christmas Home Decor

Thinking and talking about Christmas in May is not something that I do, but that does not mean that Christmas will not come up in the conversation.  Occasionally I will see people who know  me because of my  work as I have decorated customers homes; interior and exterior for the Christmas season. Today while having coffee I was introduced as the designer who decorated one of the homes in my community and this is why I was talking about white interior and exterior Christmas decorations in May. 

Now you would think that a white Christmas theme would be nontraditional in comparison to red and green but I think that the white, silver, balsam green with touches of dark blue as a classic combination because this theme represents nature and the winter season. 

Here is a winter white Christmas set that I created at polyvore.  Do you like this Christmas dining room?

Dreaming of a White Christmas

This winter theme consists of the colors of white, silver, gold and evergreen. I love the winter season, the snow and the ice with a background of balsam fir trees and a herd of deer in the clearing, it is enchanting, a winter wonderland.

Here are a few products that I recommend.  
Shopping off season gets you the sale price, come August when stores start to receive Christmas products the prices will increase.

I am looking forward to November first as that is when I will begin decorating my client's homes for Christmas.  Do you decorate your home with a theme?

View all of my  Christmas home and fashion sets here.  Many of these designs were created for my print on demand and interior design customers.  

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Botanical and Birds Home Office Decor

Today I met with a client of mine who has a vintage style home office that is decorated  with tufted style desk chair, bookshelf, and seating area next to the  window.  

The floor is hardwood with a botanical and bird patterned area rug under the desk and chair. There is a window with garden view. The ambiance of the room was very cozy and I would love to decorate it for the client.
My client said that she needed some ideas on how to decorate the space. I chatted with her to determine what she liked / disliked.   learned that she was active at Audubon nature center and also loved botanicals. I also learned that she liked the country cottage look because it was warm and inviting. 

From this conversation. I knew that the home office décor would consist of floral prints and birds with a country cottage ambiance.
I told her I would personally shop for office decorations and send her my online finds to her by email. Should my client like the products , she can shop and buy the products easily by clicking on the link. When she receives the home decorations I can help her place them in her space.
Here are a few products that I have gathered for the office space.  If you are interested in any of these designs you can view them at the shopping website by clicking onto the highlighted link bellow the  product image.

Bird Home Accessories

This birdhouse binder is a template so text can be changed. This binder will compliment my clients “vintage cottage” theme home office and I think she will love the birds.

Backyard birds posters brings the outdoors indoors. I thought a feature wall of famed bird posters would look nice.

Yellow Finch Sticker
Yellow Finch Sticker by bmthour
Find more Bird Stickers at

Bird desk lamp

Lumbar pillow for back support when sitting long hours at desk

Monday, March 28, 2016

Flooring for Living Room

Your living room is a high traffic area as it is where family and friends gather so the flooring in this room must be durable and comfortable. If you have small children you must consider safety first; stone or stained concrete is trendy but is it practical for young children who sit on the floor, in the winter the stone is cold. Your flooring for your living room should appeal to the needs of your family. Here are some floor options for living room.

Consider radiant heated floors in your living room. The radiant heated floors will provide you with comfortable heat without the dust that occurs with forced air furnaces. Your family will be warm and comfortable during the winter months.

Another practical floor for living room would be vinyl floor tiles. The tile is easy to install as most of them interlock and are peel and stick. Shop for a textured tile for your flooring and prevent your children from slipping and or falling. Vinyl tile is easy to keep clean; hot soapy water will enable you to wipe the stains off.

For high traffic living rooms you may want to consider carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are really easy to install as they interlock, plus if one tile is damaged or stained you can remove the tile and replace with another. Carpet tiles are available in many designs and textures. The Berber tile is quite nice, I found one I liked at You can also shop for carpet tiles at Look for home improvement 18 x 18 carpet tile.  I like this tile because it is a good neutral and the cost for 16 tiles is reasonable.

Another flooring for your living room would be laminated wood. This floor type is good for high traffic rooms. The wood plank flooring interlocks and is easy to install. The laminated protects the wood floors from stains and scuff marks. Wood floors will add a timeless beauty to your living room.

Wall to wall carpeting is a good way to control the noise level in the living room. There are many types and textures of carpet, however the most durable carpet is the Berber. This carpet is a woven that's soft to the touch and has a soft woolly texture; Berber carpet is a good choice for living rooms because this hard wearing carpet will hold up and look good as new after years of foot, including paw traffic.

Radiant Heated Flooring Remodeling Tips

Radiant heated floors are steam pipes that are filled with hot water from your water heater. These electric coils are then used to heat the floors. The radiant heated floors will allow you and your family to feel the warmth when you step out of the shower or sit on the floor. Know that heat rises and these heated floors are a good way to keep your home warm.
I learned about heated floors while visiting friends in Colorado. Where they resided the winters were very cold however they heated their entire home with radiant heat in the flooring and walls. I assumed that I would be cold but will tell you the home was warm and cozy. So when it came time for our bathroom remodel my husband and I decided to install radiant flooring.
View this video to learn more about the benefits of radiant heat.

If you are interested in learning more about radiant flooring, then I would recommend that before you choose your  flooring look at the variety of products that are available for this type of floor. You can choose from Pergo laminated, ceramic, porcelain, stone, marble, granite, concrete and slate floors make good choices for  radiant heated floors because they are great conductors of heat.
Choose the flooring color and style that complements your home décor and also appeals to your needs. Heated flooring is a onetime installation and it is wise to choose a product that you will not grow tired of.
Know that shopping for flooring is like going to a candy store.  We all want what we cannot afford.  So before you shop for flooring it is best to know your budget for the remodel. Plus you will need to determine if you will be installing the heated flooring yourself or will you need to hire a contractor? If you are knowledgeable about this type of remodel then you may be able to install the heated floors otherwise I would recommend a contractor.
When it came time to update our bathroom my husband hired a contractor to install radiant heated concrete slaps that were then stained. We loved the look of the modern floors plus they are easy to maintain. I noticed that there is no dust buildup. Unlike forced air from a furnace that is a carrier for dust, radiant heated floors are cleaner, no dust bunnies.

Learn more about radiant heated flooring by reading this article EnergyGOV/ energy saving radiant heating 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Remodeling Ideas - Small Bedroom

When it comes to remodeling a small bedroom an easy update would be to change the color of the room by painting the walls and adding mirrors to make the room appear bigger. Another way to change the look of bedroom is to add a point of interest, such as a feature wall with french doors to a lovely garden or a picture window with a window seat. Letting the natural light into the room is a great way to make it feel light and bright.
My house is small. the  square footage is 1350 and this means that the bedrooms are cramped. The 3rd bedroom was remodeled into a home office and the 2nd bedroom needs a new look. I decided to remodel this bedroom with a vintage style full size bed a three panel screen, queen Anne style chair, then use hat boxed to create a side table for small lamp.
For storage the bookcase with the cabinetry will feature shelves for folded clothing and the closet will offer more storage space. By utilizing the storage space that we have I can eliminate bedroom furniture and this will make the  bedroom more spacious.
Then I will decorate this space with store bought pink flower pattern throw pillows, or make them with rose pattern upholstery fabric.   See the window valance shown in the image bellow?  You are looking at  craft fabric that I found at this pretty flower pattern fabric could really come in handy when remodeling this small bedroom. 

Here is my inspiration bedroom 

Cottage Style Pink Rose Bedroom

Cottage Style Pink Rose Bedroom by sgolis featuring vintage home decor