Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gothic Style Black Rose Bedroom Ideas

The Gothic subculture is dark, black and purple being prominent colors however it is also elegant with strong ties to Victorian and romance. 

Know that when it comes to creating an elegant Gothic style guest bedroom for a friend, I needed to research the look so that I could learn more. I also had to go to my friends facebook page to learn about her likes.  

When I felt comfortable I created a Gothic style bedroom set for my friend that features a Victorian inspired black rose wall paper, black rose lamp and round pillows and also a regal black tufted sofa, ornate crystal chandelier and black and white high back bed with black pillows.

Here is video from that will show you lovely gothic style bedrooms.

The bed that I featured in the set I found at the stripes make the bed frame interesting and you can change the look of the bed with a black on black brocade duvet cover.  Normally you see the black Victorian four poster bed, or an iron bed but I thought I would add a unique bed style to the set.

It is too soon to know if my friend will love the look. Anyway here is my Gothic black rose guest bedroom set that I created for a friend.

Gothic Black Rose Bedroom

Bellow are the black rose home décor products that I used in creating this home set. Shop for all other products at

Black Rose Home Decor

Here is the fabric that I used on the walls in the bedroom set.  I created this linen craft fabric from a black rose photograph.  This mirrored looking is lovely don't you agree.  If you like this fabric you can order a sample to see what it looks like, the weight of the fabric and if it will fit your needs.

Black Rose Craft Fabric
Black Rose Craft Fabric by Susang6
Browse more Black rose Fabrics at Zazzle

Here is a flash panel of all of my rose collection; black, red and blue.

Browse other gifts from

DIY Project: Turn Closet into Home Office

My home is small and our closets in bedroom are really small. The spare bedroom closet is 3 x 5 which makes it impossible to use it as a closet, because my clothes are jammed into the small space with a few baskets and shoes on the top shelf.

I hate this closet so this weekend husband and I are going to update this space by turning it into a home office.

Here is a design set that I created on polyvore.  My husband is NOT visual so I needed to show him what I wanted.  This set shows one ornate shelf (found at with open space for push pin projects, and calendar but you can pick up shelves at and create more storage space. 

Remodeling Ideas for Small Closet

Remodeling Ideas for Small Closet by sgolis featuring a green lamp

First thing first, remove everything from the closet. Then we decided to install white paneling since we have some leftover from our sun porch. Paint the ceiling, butcher block counter top cut to size for the desk area, then space for post it notes and calendar, pick up shelves at and other than that a new area rug, file cabinet and office accessories from 

Husband said we should leave the door so I can cose off the office and keep the pets out when I am not using it. I would prefer to remove the door and then just close the bedroom door.

 I think this project will be fun to do and the results will be great.  Even though it is raining this weekend I will be indoors working on my DIY project.

Here are some officeproducts that I found at that youo may like;

2015 Flower Photograph Calendar
2015 Flower Photograph Calendar by Susang6
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Yellow Lily Flower Clip Board Clipboard
Yellow Lily Flower Clip Board Clipboard by Susang6
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Green Herb Plant Custom Pen Black Ink Pen

Friday, May 29, 2015

Decorating Ideas for Nautical Theme Home Office

I got an email today from one of my clients and they asked me to put together a nautical theme for their home office. The client wants some product ideas for their space. Nothing over the top, just cosmetic changes to their existing office.

Last year I did change the look of their home office by accessorizing it with a golf related products. The theme consisted of green and paneling that was painted green, with a green grass area rug that was perfect for the home office.  This year my client desires a nautical look so I am only happy to provide my service for their home décor needs.

When the client told me nautical I wondered what they meant, anchors, stripes, seashells, blue white red yellow what do they like? Found out that they like lighthouses and sailboats, that anchors are okay too, and the colors that they prefer are blue, white and natural beige. Now I know to design a set that features a room that has a sailing theme with lighthouses.

For this nautical home office design I am thinking that the paneling should be painted white, then add some blue paint on top and that will be the feature wall. Their office furniture is dark so the white paneling with the blue will add ambiance without giving the room a closed in appearance.

When the cosmetic updates for the space is completed I will then shop for lighthouse or sailboat posters and do a feature wall behind the desk. Add some nautical wall accents. They may want to buy a new chair or get the one they have reupholstered.

This remodeling of the home office is cosmetic and think it will look really nice when it is completed. Here is the design that I created for my client to show him how the space would look with white painted paneling, blue trim and a variety of home decor accessories including a blue throw rug.

Here are some products that I found while shopping online that I think are perfect for a nautical theme home office.

Throw Pillows

Nautical posters and prints

Jupiter Lighthouse and Sailboat Poster
Jupiter Lighthouse and Sailboat Poster by lighthouseenthusiast
Browse through more Posters, Art & Prints at

By the Sea Print
By the Sea Print by wildapple
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Vintage Sail boat Print Lamps
Vintage Sail boat Print Lamps by ECLECT
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Other sailing accessories for space

Decorative ceramic tiles

Plum Beach lighthouse tile
Plum Beach lighthouse tile by RenderlyYours
Check out more Plum Tiles at Zazzle

Heceta Head Lighthouse Tiles
Heceta Head Lighthouse Tiles by LeoneArdo
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Get NEW Clients with Zazzle Collections

When I first opened up my print on demand shop at zazzle I found that I was designing home products for myself, then I was making these one of kind products for gifts for family and friends. Well throughout the years my zazzle shop did grow with my interior design business and NOW I am getting new clients from my home decor collections.

Many clients need assistance in visualizing the home décor product.  They may like when they view it my shop but cannot see how it would work for them in their space.  So I would create digital designs at for my clients to show them how my products would look in a home setting.

This worked very well with my clients that needed visual representation.  However the problem with these digital representation was that my products were not easy to access. When zazzle came out with the collection option then this really helped me to promote my designs and to get new clients at my zazzle shop.

As an example:

One of my clients asked me to create a modern black dinner party collection so I went to my zazzle shop and gathered all of the products that I though would compliment his theme.

Then I went to and created digital set where he could visualize and get a feel for the dinner party products. He had the collection where he could shop easily and the visual design.

Know that the zazzle collection is a wonderful selling feature and combining it with digital design from polyvore  is an excellent way to present your print on demand product to your client.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Food Lovers Dinner Party Essentials

This week I have been busy at my zazzle shop designing a variety of home decor and dinner party essentials from one of my photographs of Oneida forks with succulent foods. I find that the black background in this photo is a wonderful contrast to the silver forks and variety of food bites. These party essentials are perfect for food lovers that love to entertian by having dinner parties.

From this photo I designed a tablecloth, table runner and both ceramic and paper plates. There are also napkins and other party items. What I like about this design is that it will appeal to both men and women and it is the perfect choice for dinner parties.

This food on forks collection would also make thoughtful gift for bride to be or housewarming party.

Here is a set that I created at polyvore that will show you just how nice these dinner party essentials are.

Know that you can create your own theme party decorations by adding your image to the product, then you will have a one of a kind design that will impress your family and friends at your next dinner party.  It is easy to design your own, click on this link for the tablecloth and then follow the instruction on how to upload your photo and create your own product. You can do this on any of the products shown at  

Find out what is on sale now at, see coupon codes here and list of products that have discounted prices.

Decorating Ideas for Fourth of July Party

When it comes time to decorate for the Fourth of July I will go all out and decorate both interior and my front porch. The red white and blue theme is the first thing that my party guests will see when they come to my home for a party or gathering.

Red Patriotic Front Porch Decor

Red Patriotic Front Porch Decor by sgolis featuring nautical style lighting

In the past my guests have lingered on the porch, they will sit on the sofa and we will serve them a cold soda or lemonade. The decorations add to the ambiance and is a nice way to welcome friends and family  to your home.

Decorating for parties or gatherings creates a cheerful mood and I know that people do enjoy a home that is decorated with a specific theme.

When it comes to decorating my home I will use what I have first before going out to buy craft fabric to make patriotic throw pillows, tablecloths or sofa cover. Then if additional items are needed to pop up my outdoor space or home then I will buy décor accessories or craft supplies to make my own or I will shop online at and take advantage of their wonderful sales. I find that you can get really unique home decorations that you will not find at your local kohls or target stores. I like that my décor items are not like all of my friends and neighbors.

Here are a few red white and blue décor items I found at  that I really like.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Designs by Sgolis

I have been an artists since I was five years old. I was one of those kids that was always drawing, painting and designing clothes for my barbie dolls. At a young age I knew I was destined for great things and knew I was going to be a designer. 

Well my design career had a rocky start as both my parents thought the career was not a good fit. They told me my field of study was too competitive and that I was not "good enough"  So I took a detour and got an associate degree in business and from there I worked in a bank.   Needless to say you cannot keep a fashion merchandiser / designer in a bank.

One day I had enough and went to work at specialty shop in the mall and attended fashion merchandising classes at night and never looked back.  My career in fashion merchandising was fabulous, I was doing what I loved and it did not feel like work.  I landed a prestigious job with a Hong Kong based high fashion woman’s clothing store and it was my dream job. 

Granted I was not a designer, but I was learning about the designs of  Carolyn Wright Freeman and she was extremely talented.  I had the pleasure of meeting her and chatting with her about her upcoming spring line when I was in NYC for a meeting. 

No  I was not a designer but I was working in a fashion house and loved it.   My dream job was cut short, after 10 years when the company closed their USA doors and I was devastated.

When one door closes another one opens?  You bet it does, and from there I become a self employed interior, digital, card, gift and fashion designer.   I presently have an  online gallery that features a variety of gifts, home goods and stationary.  I also do fashion design for  OartTee .  All of my designs are created from my original photographs or paintings.

Here is a photograph of one of my award winning decor sets. This living room set came in first place at a polyvore interior contest.
Cat Lover Home Decor Ideas

Cat Lover Home Decor Ideas by sgolis featuring cat home decor by Susan Golis

Here is one of my tie dye shirts that I designed for both men and women.  My shirt was selected by the owner of and is worn by a male model.   The shirt can be viewed online at the indiegogo project .  View all of my fashion designs at my OartTee gallery.