Sunday, December 14, 2014

Polyvore Design Tool Cuts out the Middle Man

 I have been designing spaces for a few clients using the polyvore design tool. These inspiration spaces are a guide for the client who desires to make changes to an existing space or create a new one.

Before finding polyvore I used to create a design board for my clients and draw out the space, offer fabric swatches and get really detailed oriented. Well that was then and this is now and using the polyvore's design tool saves time, energy and cuts out the middle man by allowing client to do all the shopping for the products I have used to create their space.  The client decides what they need for their inspiration room.  They have complete control over their budget and their spending.

Once the client receives the products they can call me to help set up or they can follow the inspiration set that I emailed to them.

Here are some spaces that I have designed  at polyvore.

Red and Black Bedroom

Red and Black Bedroom by sgolis featuring word wall art

Black and GrayLiving Room

Black and GrayLiving Room by sgolis featuring a black coffee mug

Hunting Man Cave

Hunting Man Cave by sgolis featuring wall sconces

Decorating with Warm Colors

When it comes to accenting my homes decor for winter, I like to decorate with the  warm colors  red and dark green. I choose these colors because a space that is decorated with red feels warmer plus it is a good color to compliment  the evergreen garland with pine cones on the mantel.
I may take down my Christmas tree but in winter I leave up the evergreen garland and pine cones  because it represents my winter decorations.  Then
when I accent my den with an assortment of red pillows;  tartan print mixed with woodland deer prints the room feel warm and cozy.

When decorating with throw pillows I will buy a variety of sizes and shapes and then I will add 4 to 6 pillows to my sofa. Know that two of those pillows will be used by my husband when he lies on the sofa and the others will end up on the recliner or on the floor.

 Everyone that stretches out on the carpet will grab a throw pillow especially if they are playing board games or watching TV, so four or more throw pillows are better than one or two.
Here are some zazzle throw pillows that will make your winter home or cabin look and feel warmer in winter.

Hunters Man Cave: Featuring Whitetail Designs

Whitetail Designs recently contacted me to create a man cave space for their specialty products and also they needed some space ideas for hunter man cave project. They went on to say that many of their clients, as well as family and friends were deer hunters and all were talking about a man cave setting for their hunting things. The guys needed a room that was their own and I was asked to create an inspiration hunting man cave space. 

Know  that whenever I design spaces I like to conduct an informal interview to find out what they like and dislike. Then from there I will create a space that I think will meet their needs.

The hunting man cave design that I created for Whitetail Designs shows a loft setting of a log home, a rustic stone fireplace, leather sofa, natural wood console and coffee table. As well as a feature wall with deer posters, coat rack and assorted deer accessories done in a plaid design and deer head.

The home decor accessories accent and make the space comfortable. Any hunter would enjoy a space like this, if they are bird hunter they only need to change out the accessories. This room design will meet any outdoor sportsman's needs.

See the holiday hunting man cave bellow.

Hunting Man Cave by sgolis featuring door plaques

Deer Hunting Man Cave Ideas

Friday, December 12, 2014

Walking Dead Man Cave Project

Know that anything that has to do with zombies or walking dead is NOT what I do. But I am not one to turn away a client either. I was asked to create a Walking Dead man cave design. The design was to be a guide that would show how an ordinary garage could be transformed into a Zombie fallout shelter man cave.

I was reluctant to accept the project because it was so out of of my comfort zone but I needed the work so I told the client that I could create an inspirational design set for him. Saying I would create a walking dead man cave is one thing but doing it was another. I had a design block and doing yoga and taking a walk did not help. I was in over my head. I needed to get busy and the best way to brainstorm was to watch walking dead on

That is all I needed. I created a zombie man cave with promotional zombie stuff. The man cave has everything that a zombie fallout shelter would have with comforts of their previous life. For fun I added the cast of the Walking Dead and had a good balance of zombies, weapons and other zombie stuff.

My walking dead man cave took me 7 hours to design and one second to email to client who asked me to be creative and design the space. He LOVED the layout, furniture, and fallout shelter accessories. He also liked the idea that middle man was eliminated and he could shop for all of his needs at website where I designed the set.

I started out with a blank canvas, then added a picture of a vacant garage. Next came the furniture, followed by the accessories from my clients print on demand shop.  Then I added special effect zombies. 

From there I decorated the Christmas tree and the wood beams in the ceiling. The last thing that I added to the set was the walking dead survivors and the cast from the show. Know that this design is not something that I would create on a whim and even though I was uncomfortable at first I sure had fun being creative.

Here is the vacant garage it is the first item in my design. The completed project is bellow.



Team Rescue Zombie Fallout Shelter

And here is the update after Christmas

Team Walking Dead Fallout Shelter

When the walking dead man cave was completed I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I am glad that I accepted the project because now I know I can do anything.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Project Golf Man Cave Ideas

When it comes to designing a man cave for a guy who likes golf then I know that it is best to choose an area that has a lot of room because all guys need an indoor putting green where they can practice hitting some balls to relax and have fun. So plan on making space for the golfer in your house in the basement or any other large room and your guy will love his man cave.

Here is a set I created at polyvore, it will show you how I balanced the colors so that the space is eye appealing and I used the zazzle accessories to make the space “golfer friendly” The products that I used to decorate this space are bellow. 

The  only thing missing in this golf room is the "men".  

  1. Set the mood of the space by choosing a color theme When it comes to golf I think of nature, green grass, browns and blue sky. So my color pallet for my golfers man cave is natural, or one with nature.
  2. Furniture for the room should consist of practical pieces. The sofa should allow for comfortable seating; your golfer guy should be able to lie on the sofa without feeling cramped.
  3. Add accent pieces to the room, hardwood coffee table, silk tree, feature wall with golf related pictures, coordinating throw pillows and other golf related accessories.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Why I Love Home Decor Sets at Polyvore

I have been a member of polyvore for the last six months and love creating home accessory sets.  At first it took me awhile to get accustomed to the way things work but now I love Polyvore because it enables me to reach out to my customer buy showing them how my product designs work in a room setting. 

Here is a set I created for a client who had children this is a more whimsical and fun set where I used the colors of red and green,  

Red and Green Christmas

The marketing tool at polyvore has opened doors for me as my clients look at the set that I create and then they visualize how the product will look in their home. Many times all it takes is seeing the product outside of the zazzle  website and in a home setting to get the client to relate and to have a need for the home decor product.

Clients will email and tell me their thoughts about the home set that I created and many times they will ask me to create a product that would compliment their homes décor and color theme. Other times they will write me and thank me for taking the time to create a home accessory set.

Know that these sets are not 1-2-3 and you are done. An average set takes five hours from start to finish and then I will go back a few times to make sure that the color is balanced. Plus I will move a product here or there. I am a perfectionist when it comes to creating visual online displays.

Anyway I really love because it allows me to create visually appealing home settings that open doors for new clients. I also love meeting all the wonderful and very talented members.. It is so much fun to view their creative and very detailed works of art.

Here is my latest set “Christmas Style” where I featured a cozy  living room with Christmas tree, china hutch and inviting ambiance.  Then I decorated this room with many of the accessories that I designed and also some amazing polyvore finds.  Note I always add pets to my sets because no home is complete without a cat or a dog.