Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Red Rose with Black Valentine Bedroom Decor

When it comes to decorating my bedroom for Valentines day I like to create an ambiance that is cozy and romantic. A room where husband and I can go to relax, unwind and reconnect. I prefer this room to be simple yet elegant, without the use of cupid figurines or silly Valentine's Day products.

This year I will cover my bed with Royal Velvet® 400tc damask stripe egyptian cotton comforter set that I found at JCPenny.com then accessorize the top of the bed with a variety of red rose and black throw pillows.

For the nightstand I will cover it with a red rose and black print tablecloth, then add an inexpensive table lamp from zazzle.com a few red votive candle holders that I picked up at Yankeecandle.com after Christmas sale and fill them with rose scented candles. Since my hubby has a sweet tooth I think a box of Belgium chocolates would be a nice touch.

When it comes to shopping for fresh cut flowers I prefer Proflwers.com. I find the arrangements of flowers have a wonderful fresh fragrance and enjoy taking rose buds out of the box, Instead of having one day of flowers to enjoy I can have up to a week. This is why I will buy a dozen red roses for my dresser in the bedroom .

Valentine’s day is not for one day, we try to make plans to get away just the two of us for a date night every week and then it is always nice to go to our bedroom and lock the door. We enjoy our time together and we really like when our bedroom is decorated with a romantic Valentine theme. 

If you are inspired to decorate your bedroom for Valentine's Day then know that it is best to decorate your space 10 days prior to Valentines day then add the chocolates, candles and flowers on February 14th for your night of romance. 

Here is a bedroom set that I designed that will show you what I mean when I say a Valentine theme bedroom.

Red and Black Bedroom

Red and Black Bedroom by sgolis featuring red black throw pillows

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas for Coffee Table

The coffee table in my home the source for entertainment and also a nice resting spot for morning, afternoon and at night coffee mugs and glasses. But this table is more than a resting area for beverages that are arms reach from the sofa it is the go to place in the living room for things to do.

This afternoon I was looking at my coffee table and decided to make some updates because I thought it would also be nice to decorate the living room for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Home Decor
Valentine's Day Home Decor by sgolis featuring zazzle.com home accessories

I do not have many decorations for this holiday and thought if I covered the coffee table with a rose pattern tablecloth that this would make a nice focal area. Then all I would need to do is add a few accessories.

I set a centerpiece with with silk red roses and greenery in the center. Then off to the side is a stack of interior decorating magazines. Behind the centerpiece is a stack of beverage coasters and a puzzle. A box of chocolates and the remote control for the TV is also on the coffee table along with notepad, pen and my laptop computer.

You may think that the coffee table has too much clutter but I would disagree because this table features everything that my family needs and all things are arranged neatly so that it appears appealing. Know that at night I do light the candle in the centerpiece and the warm glow does add a cozy feeling to the living room.


Friday, December 25, 2015

Tips for Buying Zazzle Table Lamps

A few years back I bought a zazzle.com table lamps for my office.  I wanted to add soft lighting to a dark corner and this table lamp certainly provided me with what was needed. However the light did not last long in my office.  It ended up being my husbands favorite light and he quickly moved it to his man cave. Of course this meant that I had to buy another table lamp for my office.

One of the things that I like about shopping at zazzle is that you can buy the table light that is shown or you can customize your own, with your photograph. Then choose your shade material; polyester, rice paper, or linen for your custom lamp. I selected rice paper and really enjoy the richness of the shade, The light that comes through is soft and the design on the paper is very appealing.

I am very pleased with zazzle.com state of art printing and the ink that is used is fade resistant. My lamp is now 3 years old and shade looks new. Based on these two features I certainly recommend the table lamps. So if you are in the need for a new lamp; desk, tripod or ceiling pendant lamp then I would suggest that you shop at zazzle.com. because the lamps are now on sale through December 31st,2015.

Buy one or more qualifying lamps at 25% of the net sales price. The coupon code is LAMPS4URROOM.  Be sure to enter the coupon during checkout to receive the offer. Offer is valid through December 31, 2015 11:59PM PT.

 Please clear your browser cookies before you click this COUPON LINK. This link will provide you with up-to-date information about all of the products that are on sale at zazzle.com So if you have missed the deadline for the sale you can still click onto the coupon link to get a list of the current sales.

Here are three room sets that I designed for one of my clients.   In the first set I featured a blue botanical zazzle table lamp.   You can see how these lamps compliment the bedroom theme.  In the home office room set view hosta garden tripod lamp on top of file cabinets. Then the last room set is a living room setting with black and white pendant lamp and table lamp.   These lamps have a landscape design of oak tree by creek.

Romantic Blue Botanical Bedroom

Home Office for Her

Here are a few desk lamps that I recommend

Lamp for her

Lamp for Him

Lamp for boy

Lamp for Baby Boy

Lamp for Baby Girl

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Stay Calm and Shop the Zazzle Sales

When it comes to shopping during the holiday season many people will shop for home decorations on the day after Thanksgiving and then again online on Cyber Monday. I will shop for specific home decorations like throw pillows and table linens for upcoming holidays on those days. But tend to shop for myself and for the upcoming year at zazzles after Christmas sale.

I used to shop at the mall on the day after Christmas, but found it to be hectic and stressful. Shopping online is not stressful, you stay calm and buy what you need without worry about traffic jams at the mall or pushy people.

In order to shop with ease I made a list for my wants and needs. I will shop for needed dinner party essentials, craft fabric and basic home accents, like wall décor or coffee table products.

Know that in the past I waiting until it was too late and the trendy home products like throw blankets and pendant lamps that I liked sold out. So this year I will stay calm and shop online on December 26th.

The after Christmas sales online has the best-discounted prices because shops want to clear out their holiday inventory and I am hoping that the craft fabric gets a coupon code for a reduced price. I want to recover my dining room chairs and make curtains for the kitchen. Then I will shop for upcoming holiday decorations like Valentines Day and Easter. Husband likes the leather look throw pillows and if they get a coupon code then I will buy pillows for his man cave.

So that is my shopping plan, to avoid the mall, stay calm and shop the zazzle sales online.

If you are like me and want stock up on your home decorations at the end of year sales then here is the link for the special SALE COUPONS This link will update daily. For best results I would recommend that you clear your browser cookies before you click onto the couponlist at zazzle. Know that this link will always show you the current sales, but on the 26th you will find the deep discounts.

Happy after Christmas shopping everyone. Hope you are able to buy all the home decor products that you need.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Decorating Tips for Guest Bedroom

Decorating a guest bedroom is different from any other bedroom because it is space that should be warm and inviting, with not only a bed but also a sitting area where guest can relax without going out into the family living areas. This sitting area in bedroom should have ample space for guest to have a cup of coffee, read a book or check their email.

Guest bedroom looks cheerful due to warm yellow color.

Here is a space saver bedroom that I designed for one of my clients. You can see by the set-up that the design utilized the smallness of the room very well.
Space Saver Bedroom Ideas

Space Saver Bedroom Ideas by sgolis featuring home decor
 Shop for twin beds with drawers underneath at 
Hayneedle.com Jcpenny.com and Overstock.com 


Know that my guest bedroom is a converted baby nursery and it is small room that may look larger if we add a twin bed with storage space underneath. The drawer space under the bed will then eliminate the need for a dresser or chest of drawers.  Then we will add a two drawer night stand that would provide more storage for a travelers things. 

By eliminating large furniture I have saved space.   Now I can add a chair with side table close to the window or I could have my husband install a window seat with storage space. The window seat would offer our guest a room with a view, comfortable resting area and more space for their things.

Since the room is small I will definitely install some mirrors since they tend to make the room look more spacious. Also instead of drapes on the window I am thinking white wooden shutters and maybe a swag.

When it comes time to install the twin bed know that we will set up on the longest part of the room and I suspect that I will paint the wall behind the bed with a pale yellow color. I like color yellow because it is cheerful and also has the tendency to make a room appear larger.

I would like to decorate the room with yellow flower pattern accessories and a floral quilt, pillow shams and throw pillows. Since the room is small I will use the bed ensemble as the feature.  I thought I would decorate this space with cheerful yellow sunflowers accessories by Lokisbooksnmore. Everything that I viewed at this designers zazzle shop was positive or inspirational. Her designs are as American as apple pie and they make you feel good. I think the sunflower pattern would be perfect for my guest bedroom theme.  

Here are a few home decor products that I like.

On top of the bedside table add a placemat then set the table lamp on top of the mat. The yellow sunflower pattern will compliment the room theme and also will protect the wood table from coffee cup or glass water stains.

Many people enjoy a cup a coffee or herbal tea while they rest in their  bedroom, so having a coffee mug that coordinates with your color theme is a good idea especially if your guest wants to read the paper or book in their room.

A lacquered jewelry or trinket box coordinates with the room theme and it also provides your guest with a place for their jewelry, keys or other small items.

Embossed Sunflower Premium Gift Box
Embossed Sunflower Premium Gift Box by Lokisbooksnmore

If you are interested in any of the home decor accessories that are featured here click onto the highlighted link to view in high resolution at designers shop or to buy.  If you are seeking a custom look please contact the designer on her homepage to discuss design options or other product needs.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Are You Mad About Plaid Home Decor

When I think of dressing in a cozy and warm shirt I think of plaid, so it is only natural to want to decorate my homes family space with plaid. You bet I am mad about plaid home décor because it is classic look that is eye appealing and sure does make a winter room look warm.

Know that in the United States of America people refer to tartan as plaid. If somebody mentions a tartan pillow they think, that must be expensive because it is a special plaid. Many people refer to their plaid home decorations as Scotch plaid or tartan plaid and think that there is a difference, and the answer would be that tartan is a scotch plaid thus they are the same.

So are you mad about plaid home decor and want to learn more about how to decorate your home space? 

Well here is a polyvore.com home set that I designed. It features red tartan home accessories by PL design.  You can see by this living room design that the plaid home accessories sure make the room look cozy.  I recommend that you decorate your home with a variety of  throw pillows; plaids and solids that are classic square, round and other.  I like to stage the sofa with contrast behind the pattern, but you can play with it and create your own design look. 

Throw pillows make your sofa and chair look more appealing do you agree?

Cozy Red Plaid Decor

Cozy Red Plaid Decor by sgolis featuring plaid home decor

Know that PLdesign is a gifted designer that creates the most beautiful Tartan home decorations. Her throw pillows are so nice that you could give them as a gift and the recipient would be thrilled. 

Here are a few of my favorite plaid home décor accessories by PLdesign.  Note: if you like what you see but prefer to view in high resolution at the designers online shop, CLICK on the highlighted text to view or buy.  

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gold Swirl Accent Throw Pillow

The other day my neighbor asked me to come and take a look at her holiday decorations and to tell  her what she needed.  Her room theme was white and gold with touches of silver.  Her tree exquisite and her gift wrap coordinated with the tree, it was just perfect.  Even her fireplace mantle was decorate just lovely. But then my eyes fell on the sofa and BOMB the entire theme went south.

Her sofa was black leather and she had added white throw pillows with  Christmas tree design in gold.  They were nice pillows but oh my gosh did not go with the masculine sofa.  I was honest with her, said that she needed to get slip covers or she needed to buy a new sofa because black leather did not go with her room theme.

My neighbor agreed and while we sipped our coffee she told me that she had a small creamy white sofa and love seat her study.  Well that solved the problem because all we needed to do is change out the sofas and her gold theme room would be perfect, except her white holiday pillows needed a contrast.

I suggested a gold swirl throw pillow as her accent.  This pillow would be perfect because it had the right amount of sparkle plus it was a design that she could use throughout the year and not just during the holiday season.

Here is the pillow that I recommended to my neighbor.  This pillow compliments her holiday  white and gold home theme.  Plus it would be the right amount of contrast for her creamy white sofa.  She can also continue to use it as an accent pillow when the sofas go back to her study.

If you are seeking a gold accent pillow for your home then click the link bellow the image of pillow. Then you can to view a larger image or buy.

Winter Wonderland Kitchen Decor

The winter season represents cold and snow and thus by decorating your kitchen in this theme it will help you to celebrate the season especially if you reside in an area that does not get snow.

Many people will decorate with a winter wonderland theme for Christmas and then after the Christmas season has ended they will take down the tree but leave the winter accessories until spring.

A popular winter wonderland theme would be a snow covered landscape with deer or sleigh riders. Another would be the snowmen or cardinals in the snow.

One way to decorate your kitchen for winter would be to add snowman sculptures, snowman accessories such as kitchen towels, tablecloth or placemats for your table. A framed snowman for your wall and snowmen coffee mugs or dinner plates.

Another way to decorate for winter is to feature the winter wonderland décor.  Here are a few products that I designed that will compliment a winter theme kitchen.

Decorate your wall with Winter Landscape Poster

Winter Wildlife Cheese board with utensils

Set your table for winter with wonderland plates

Add ambiance to your winter theme space with flameless candles

Serve hot coffee or chocolate in your winter theme mugs

Let it Snow Silver Snowflake Classic White Mug
Let it Snow Silver Snowflake Classic White Mug by Susang6
Design unique personalized mugs for kids online at zazzle.com

Friday, December 4, 2015

Decorating with Leather Textured Throw Pillows

Many people like the look of leather but do not like real leather so the next best thing is to decorate their home with  leather texture throw pillows and home accessories

Last week one of interior design clients said he could not find a leather look pillow at the mall I recommended that he check out t my friend Nadine May's print on demand shop because she has created home accessories that have a leather texture look. My client thought her collections were fabulous and this is why I am recommending her throw pillows to you.

Here are a few throw pillows that I would recommend for a modern interior. These pillows would look sensational in a gray or black room theme.

Leather textured pillow
Leather textured pillow by Just_Kidding
Browse other pillow designs on Zazzle.

These graphic pillows were designed with care and can be bought at zazzle but you will not find them at a shop at the mall. So if you are looking for leather texture throw pillows that are soft to the touch, then you must click onto the product link under the product image to view at  Nadine’s online shop.

Know that throw pillows are a great way to update the look of your interior. I have bought several pillows and found that these polyester pillows from zazzle are high quality. They are soft to touch and wrinkle free.  I highly recommend them for your modern home.

Shop for other textured leather home accessories here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cosmetic Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

My husband showed me a bathroom set up that he liked in a magazine. It certainly was manly or masculine and I saw that the colors were different but did not mind. Then he showed me the modern black cabinetry that he liked along with gray, black and white pattern granite in the shower stall and I knew that his BIG idea was to gut the bathroom with a sledge hammer.

Here are some photographs of bathroom designs that appeal to many men including my husband. Note the style is modern and the colors are black, white and gray with nickle or shiny chrome accents, along with neutral stone floor.

I would prefer that he would find another way to express his personal style because gutting the bathroom to make it ultra modern, uncluttered with a streamline appearance bathroom would not work with our finances or the design of our southwest adobe home.

I decided to try and compromise with my husband.

Since he likes the colors; black, white and gray. I told him that I thought it would be better if he did a cosmetic remodeling of the bathroom rather then gutting it. I suggested that he make a list of what he wants and then I would do a design board to show him the cosmetic changes.

I shopped at home improvement stores to get ideas, took photographs of products I thought he would like and then presented the paint colors for the walls, hardware update for shower door, faucets, and towel brackets. There was enough money for a black double door cabinetry, plus a new sink with granite top. I shopped online at Wayfair.com and found some bath towels that would look really nice in husbands bathroom and also found bath accessories.

Lucky me my husband agreed that the cosmetic improvements will appeal to his needs and agrees that it is better to not put all of remodeling budget into one project.

Know that when it comes to a man it is best to draw out or do a design board to show them your design ideas. Many times when they see that men see the cosmetic remodel l that is all the need to put down the sledge hammer and forget about taking out an interior wall.