Saturday, October 22, 2016

Decorating Christmas Tree with Cat Ornaments

You bet I am a cat lover and think that a Christmas tree that is decorated with cat ornaments would be super cute for home office, veterinarian office or the living room of a cat lover. 

I thought  I would buy a real balsam Christmas tree and decorate it with a cat ornaments and cat toy garland that I would make. The tree would be given to the lady who helps me with the care of the feral and the stray cats in  my neighborhood.  

This cat caretaker is a senior citizen that really love cats. So as a way to thank her I have decided to give her a cat theme Christmas tree that is decorated with cat ornaments, mouse catnip products and do a ball with bell cat toy garland.  I may add da-bird cat toy with the bright colored feathers to the decorations, then she can use this cat toy after the holiday season to play with her cat.

Needless to say, I was excited about my cat decoration idea and shared it with a friend of mine that heads up a small cat organization in another city. She loved the idea and asked me to create a tree for her also. She said to decorate it the same way as I had mentioned and she gave me a great budget for products for the job. (I am all smiles)

I am excited about the cat themed Christmas trees because I think the idea is super cute, plus I know the decorated tree will make many people smile.

Here are a few ornaments that my friend sandyspider designed and a few of my ornaments. I also found some cat Christmas ornaments online at and If you are interested in learning more about these ornaments click on the orange highlighted words bellow the cat ornament widget.

Animal Ornaments
Animal Ornaments
by Photo Gifts By Sgolis