Sunday, March 29, 2015

Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

With the warm season approaching I find that I am thinking about updating my outdoor living space with products from  I found that this online store has everything that I need to decorate my outdoor space for my my family and friends to enjoy during the warm season.  

Today I shopped online and found patio furniture, lighting, fountain, grill and garden décor. My husband suggested that I show him what I liked and so I went to to create my outdoor space design.

Know that my husband is not someone who will buy from a magazine or online website, he needs to see what the product looks like in a display.  I needed to create a space design where he could imagine himself sitting at the table or cooking at the grill. He would then know how it would look in our backyard.

Here are some decorating ideas for a large outdoor space where you would gather with friends and family for party or outdoor dinner. Click onto the photo to shop at for any of these products or to view this set in a large format. 

My yard is large and there are several flower and hosta gardens that connect with garden paths.  These flagstone and gravel paths that lead to my patios (3).  My favorite patio made from brick and it is close to the house.  There are two stucco walls that protect it from wind and I can view this patio from my kitchen window.  I love this peaceful garden.  It is my favorite outdoor space for reading a book or sipping a cup of herbal tea.  

This is the set design I created for my special garden by the kitchen window.

I designed all of the sets from products I found at however the green pillow with the grass plume is one of my designs you can view it here.

 If you like the furniture and home decor accessories that I used in these designs (2) then click on over to polyvore by using the blue link under the image and it will take you to where you can get a better look at my outdoor living space design and you can shop for the products that I used.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Why You Should Buy a Dale Tiffany Lamp

Recently one of my clients asked me how she could add ambiance to her living room,    My reply was to buy a Dale Tiffany stained glass table lamp, ceiling mounted light and floor lamp.
Know that a stained glass lamp shade is made up of hundreds of multiple colors and cut glass pieces that are welded together. Tiffany lamp shades are elaborate works of art that will accent a formal living room beautifully.
Of course the benefit from this multiple pieced glass shade is when you turn the light on. The entire room comes to life as it is filled with a cozy glow that is projected from the shade. Dale Tiffany table lamps will provide ambiance that is eye appealing, colorful and inviting.

Buying Tips:

  1. Choose a lamp shade that will compliment the color theme of your room.
  2. There are many color themes available and I recommend buying seasonal lamps.
  3. Coordinate your seasonal decorations with stained glass table lamp.
  4. Dale Tiffany is renowned for quality heirloom stained glass lamps that are handmade.
Here is an interior design set that I created at it shows a traditional styled living room and I have accented the room by featuring a Dale Tiffany dragonfly stained glass lamp on the end table. You can see from this space that the lamp shade is a work of art and that the lamp compliments the room theme. This is why I recommend Dale Tiffany stained glass lamps for traditional and modern interiors.

Where to buy a Dale Tiffany Lamp:

If you are interested in learning more or buying a table lamp then I recommend these online shops for the best selection and prices. shop for used in good condition 

Learn more about Dale Tiffany and how to make these stained glass lamps at video

Vintage Style Living Room Decor Ideas

My home is decorated with traditional vintage furniture of the 1920's era. I inherited this furniture from family members and over the years I have add home décor accessories to compliment the living room.

My home is small and the living room is where all gather so the decorations that I selected for this room needed to be durable and also add to the cozy ambiance.

The room décor accents are a work in progress since I am buying only when I find products that I really love. So far I have decorated my living room by adding soft light with a Tiffany dragonfly stained glass table lamp that I bought from

I also added vintage style home silk floral arrangement; a beautiful wooden chest with lush green ivy spilling out over the sides. This box was perfect for console table, coffee table, bookcase or end table. While shopping at I found a floral arrangement and a five foot ficus tree. Puff Ivy with Chest Silk Plant had some nice decorations for my living room, I have not bought them but have added them to my list of items that I like. One of the products that caught my eye is a stack of faux books on wheels. This stack of books serves as an end table. Also there are little décor accents like a green vase, green crystal votive candle holder.

All of the vintage style accents are good ideas because they will not go out of style and are products that I will not grow tired of.

Here is a set that I created that will show you the decorations for living room.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Decorating with Green and Gold Accessories

I was surprised to learn that many people think that gold is a gaudy color and other than using it at Christmas that they shy away from the color for home décor. I suppose gold could be gaudy specially if you decorate with ornate home accessories or accent furniture.

If you like the color green and shy away from the color yellow because of the brightness of the hue, then gold is a color that you may find to be complimentary to green

The other day I was talking to a friend who painted their homes trim a moss green and asked me about a color that would make the room more cheerful, I said gold and they gave me a funny look and then said they did not like the ornate gaudy gold.  

Ornate gold furniture can accent the room as long as you don't go overboard in your decorating. One piece as an accent is fine an entire room full or ornate filigree gold furniture and accessories can be over the top and unappealing.

As a general rule when it comes to decorating, stick with less is more and you should be okay when adding ornate gold accessories to your interiors.

Recently I designed a room set using the colors gold and green. The space that I created used the color green as the primary and the gold was the accent color. Know that this is not a light and airy room, when I look at it I think that it is rich and luxurious. A room where you would go to read a good book and then fall asleep on the sofa.

(This room does not fall into the less is more, it falls under more more more) 

The interior design of this green and gold space would be good for a formal living room, reading room or study. I do not think of this room as being a den as there would be too much foot traffic and this room to me should be a retreat where one would go to listen to music or as I said before read a book.

Here is the set that I designed at It will show you furniture placement, room theme colors and accessorized that are balanced tin color and texture so that they are eye appealing. The white lily print behind the sofa is my design and the gold linen like pillow are from my shop. The remaining room accents and furniture can be viewed or purchased at polyvore.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Decorating Ideas for Cat Theme Home

Many people love cats and they are not necessarily the “crazy cat lady” A cat theme home can be eye appealing as long as you decorate with good taste and style.
Before you begin it is best to choose a color theme and the style for your space. Determine if you desire a classic, modern, traditional, vintage or an eclectic style cat theme room.
Today I am working on a traditional cat them living room and have been gathering ideas for one of my cat loving friends. Her home is historic and she loves antique style cats. She also has Lladro figurines, bronze cat bookends and a good mix of other fine art cat accessories however when she put the room together the décor items were not eye appealing, there was no color flow or balance.
Here is a set that I designed at for my friend. I created a replica of her living room and then searched for products like hers.  I grouped the colors, shapes and finish together to give the room color flow and balance. I also added a few of my own cat designs; a cat portrait canvas print over mantel, throw pillows and Maine Coon cat trinket box. I wanted to show my client how modern cat products accent a traditional home. 

 When the placement of cat decorations was completed I then added the primary color green to pull the room together. The ficus silk tree in the corner, window treatments and area rug compliment the room.
Here is a traditional home that features and earthy colors of green, beige, tan and bronze and is accessorized with cat products.
Well there you have it some decorating ideas for a earth tone cat theme room. Would you like to view more cat decorating theme rooms?  

Here is a space I created for one of my guy friends who happens to love black cats and the color green. Enjoy the cat decorating ideas for black and green study.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Decorating with Color: Blue and White

When it comes to decorating for the warm season I like to create a space that both my husband and I will enjoy.  The space should be eye appealing and also have a cool feeling as well as inviting to family and guests.  Blue is a cool color and white is crisp clean and refreshing thus complimenting the blue.  Whenever I am working in the garden and then come indoors to a blue room that is accented with white I naturally feel cooler.

Many people like the color blue but I find that men really like this color. Maybe it is due to the baby boys nursery being decorated with the color blue? Not certain but when it comes to decorating a masculine home I have found that most men like the color blue.

Another color that coordinates well with blue is yellow. Yellow is a cheerful color and is a nice accent. When it comes to decorating a blue and white room I will add splashes of yellow color, enough to be eye appealing but this color should not overtake the blue or white colors.

Here is a blue and white living room set that I created at that will show you how to decorate with the colors blue and white. Notice I added a splash of color by adding yellow flower stems to the vase of greenery on the coffee table. These stems were found at you can also find yellow flowers for decorating at I also added the color yellow with a blue and yellow floral print pillow that I designed at my Susang6 zazzle shop.

Blue and White Living Room

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Interior Decorating Ideas for Small Space

Recently a friend of mine asked me if I had any ideas for decorating her 400 square foot lake house and to tell you the truth I have experience in decorating small spaces so I said yes to her request.

When it comes to interior decorating I prefer small spaces over open floor plans because small is easier, that is not to say that I will not take on an open floor plan.  I am open to all jobs, but find a small space is more fun, and cozy.

Small spaces like a tiny home can be difficult because you must keep with the open feeling and less has got to be more.  When it came to designing and decorating my clients small space instead adding a loft sleeping area I suggest that she opt for a studio style sleeping area that featured sofa bed, coffee table and TV mounted on the wall above fireplace.  This would provide a more open feeling.

As for the kitchen area a  small island kitchen with  stools and an antique style wood amoire from would provide storage for cooking utensils and food.  A small under sink refrigerator and microwave or electric burner is all that is needed in the lake house weekend retreat.

My client wanted to add heavy drapes but I did persuade her that a bamboo blind with lining would be best.  A heavy drape would make the room look smaller and the blind when raised during the day would allow the natural light to enter the room and make the room look more spacious.

We kept the natural wood and then accessorized the space with the colors yellow and white.  Yellow is a good color to work with because it makes a small space appear larger.  In addition yellow adds positive energy to the space.

The only other thing that I suggested to the client is to add mirrors on the one wall, because the mirror would make the space look larger. Here is the digital design set that I created for my client to give her an ideas on how to decorate a small space.

Stylish Small Space

Stylish Small Space by sgolis featuring storage baskets