Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rooster Kitchen Décor Ideas

Normally I would not decorate my kitchen with roosters and chickens but for some reason my family must think it would be a good idea because recently I received rooster mugs and a poster.  The country barnyard/rooster theme for my kitchen is growing on me and I really think it is perfect for my adobe style home with the stucco walls that are painted a warm gold with turquoise trim.

I like the idea of the vintage rooster coffee mugs hanging from my bakers rack as well 4 to 6 mix and match barnyard plates.  A canister for my herbal tea bags tucked in a corner on the kitchen counter, coordinated towels, apron, napkins and placement will certainly make my kitchen more cheerful.  Add a rooster framed print and a wall clock and the kitchen will look very eye appealing.

If you are like me and are thinking about updating or adding to your country kitchen theme then here are some rooster products that I found at zazzle that I recommend. 

Vintage Farming Victorian Print Rooster
Vintage Farming Victorian Print Rooster by Biblioartgifts

I love the zazzle table lamps because they are the perfect size for a recipe desk or small to medium accent table.  Two are perfect for a buffet.  The shade comes in three types of fabric; polyester, rice paper and linen.  My lamp has rice paper and both my husband and I like the look.  A well made lamp at a fair price. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Decorating Ideas for Red and Green Christmas Theme

I am in the mood for decorating for the Christmas season and this year I am decorating my home with red and green theme.  

When it comes to decorating for the Christmas season I generally go all  by decorating Christmas trees for every room in my house.  Last year I started doing theme Christmas trees, one was country, another was angels, my guest bathroom was blue and den was a vintage theme tree.  For my kitchen I always decorate a skinny pre-lit Christmas tree with ornaments of red, green with touches of gold as this is my family tree where everyone gathers.

Along with the red and green personalized ornaments, cranberry garland and red tartan bows. I will also add a tree skirt that my mom made out of appliques of nativity scene.  I like to think of this tree as my happy memory tree as I always add the photograph ornaments of my family, friends and the family dog or cat.

After the tree is completed I will continue the Christmas theme by adding dishware and party plates to my bakers rack and hang festively decorated mugs close to the coffee station and I will hang a festive red and green hanging lamp over my kitchen table.

Here are some red and green Christmas products that I found and zazzle that will look sensational in a red and green theme.  If you would like to view the  product in high resolution click the the image and view in the  shop.

Merry Christmas!


In my kitchen I have a work desk where I can sit and organize my recipes and plan my meal.  This area is very dark and I prefer to have a table lamp in the back corner of my desk. So when it comes time to decorate for the the Christmas season I like to add a touch of holiday cheer to my desk with a festive lamp.  Here are a few that I recommend.

Here are some ornaments, aprons and kitchen accessories that I found at zazzle. I think they are very festive, fun, cute and some especially the aprons are funny.

If you are interested in any of these products click onto the image and it will take you to the artists shop where you can learn more.  Merry Christmas everyone and happy decorating. 

Creative Christmas Ornaments for gift giving and decorating the tree.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wild Bird Christmas Tree Ornaments

When it comes to decorating for Christmas many people will decorate with the traditional holiday theme of red or green while others who enjoy nature, will decorate with a wild bird theme.  The wild bird theme will appeal to the nature lover and is perfect for a home is a rustic but also looks nice in a cottage or cabin by the lake.

This year I will be decorating a bird theme table top Christmas tree for my friend.  Her home is a 1938 farmhouse and I think this type of tree theme will be perfect.    I plan on and adding bird nests that I have gathered from the woods, pine cones, as well as bird shaped ornaments that clip onto the tree branches.  

I plan on shopping at zazzle.com this year because I saw that they have some lovely painted bird ornaments.  I think that the wild bird theme Christmas tree in my clients kitchen will add cozy ambiance to the the space. .  

Here are wild bird ornaments from zazzle that I recommend for a bird theme tree.

Winter Birds Christmas Tree Ornament
Winter Birds Christmas Tree Ornament by Spice 
Find unique Christmas ornaments at Zazzle.com

View more Background Ornaments at zazzle.com

Christmas, Cardinal Bird, Snow, Ornament
Christmas, Cardinal Bird, Snow, Ornament by GrandmaDee 
Check out Christmas Ornaments online at zazzle

Warbler in Snow With Christmas Holly: Art Christmas Ornament
Warbler in Snow With Christmas Holly: Art Christmas Ornament by joyart 
Create personalized picture Christmas ornaments at zazzle.com
Antique Audubon Painted Bunting Christmas Ornament
Antique Audubon Painted Bunting Christmas Ornament by antiqueart
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Chickadee in the Snow Christmas Ornament
Chickadee in the Snow Christmas Ornament by funnaturephotography
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Cardinal in Winter Snow Ornament
Cardinal in Winter Snow Ornament by Susang6
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