Friday, December 1, 2017

Royal Blue and Gold Christmas Decor

Make a statement this year and decorate your Christmas tree and home with a royal blue and gold color scheme. The blue color represents the night sky and gold snowflake represents elegance.

Recently a customer contacted me and requested a royal blue and gold snowflake print on a round accent pillow, table runner, and ornament. She wanted a few accessories to accent her royal blue with gold living space where she had her Christmas tree. 

I created the blue and gold home accessories from a public domain photograph of a gold textured snowflake pin (jewelry). I layered the gold snowflake over the royal blue background. An additional layer was added to create white glitter. The white glitter represents the snow.

The royal blue and gold snowflake pattern home decor is popular this year and thought it would be good to create a home set to show my customers and followers on this blog how the home accessories compliment a blue color scheme Christmas space. I think the home set with blue and gold accents is beautiful. What do you think? Will you be decorating your home this year with a blue color scheme?

If you like what you see you can click the link below the image to view all at my zazzle store.

Royal Blue and Gold Christmas designed by sgolis
Shop for gold snowflake decoration below

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Christmas Poinsettia Decorations for Bathroom

When there are children in the home a bathroom that is decorated with Santa or Snowman sure looks cute but if your kids are grown or you are empty nesters you may desire poinsettia holiday prints that is festive and in good taste.
Bathroom accessories designed by Sgolis and made by

The poinsettia is the traditional flower of Christmas and blooms in a variety of colors; red, burgundy white and pink. The poinsettia bathroom accessories that I designed are burgundy flowers with dark green leaves and touches of white.

If your bathroom has a white theme this holiday print will look fabulous. Of course a cream or ivory will also be a lovely background color for the poinsettia pattern accessories.

When you decorate your bathroom with poinsettia pattern accessories; shower curtain, guest towels, soap and toothbrush holder and bath mat know that the color combination and pattern is one you can leave up until New Years Day because it is not the traditional Santa Claus print which should come down soon after Christmas Day.

Here are the poinsettia holiday products that I designed for the bathroom. If you are interested in viewing in high resolution at my store, click on the blue highlighted words. All products are made by which means you will not find my designs at any other online or offline store. When you buy from zazzle you are supporting a designer and their small business.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Snowman Pattern Home Decor

This year I decided to decorate my home for the winter holidays with snowman pattern throw pillows and other decorative products. I have been collecting snowman pattern products over the years and would like to incorporate them into my Christmas scheme.

Many people will decorate their home with the classic scheme of red and green but I prefer a winter white or winter wonderland. I like adding fresh cut balsam branches on my mantle and fresh wreaths and swags on my doors and wall décor. Then I will add Jim Shore snowman figurines, candles, and ornaments on my Christmas tree. For my sofa, accent chairs and bedroom I will add snowman throw pillows, blankets and serving tray for dresser or coffee table. The trays are ideal for holding candles, perfume bottles or on the coffee table the TV remote, candy dish and more.
The winter wonderland theme with the snowman decor will make a holiday home feel warm and cozy. Here are a few snowman decorations that I designed at If you would like to see them in high resolution pleas click onto the blue text bellow the image.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Decorating Guest Bedroom for Christmas

This year I want to decorate my guest bedroom in red, green and white color scheme for the Christmas and the winter season. Since my husband and I enjoy nature and would like to add red holly berries, evergreen trees, pine cones and white to represent snow as my decorations for the guest bedroom.  I like the idea of winter decorations since I can leave them up after the Christmas season has ended.

Here is a Christmas bedroom set that I put together for one of my customers.  This set shows you how to decorate with a red and white color scheme.

Christmas Poinsettia Bedroom by sgolis featuring glass ornaments

One way to add Christmas to your bedroom is to buy a new bed ensemble or cover your bed with a solid color; red, green or white comforter that will complement your holiday color scheme. 

I shopped online at and found lovely quilt sets. Here is one I think will go well with my iron bed in the Victorian designed guest bedroom. This comforter has red berries, green balsam tree leaves on a white background. I really like this bed ensemble because of the pattern, I can leave it up throughout the winter season.
Shop for Holly Berry bed ensemble here
Accessorize the winter season bedroom by adding Christmas decorations. Set a mini Christmas tree for your nightstand or side table. Then instead of having a night light on you would light up the tree. The lights from the tree will create Christmas ambience.

Here is a lovely Christmas tree 


Accessorize your bed with throw pillows. I have 4 on my bed as they are needed to support a sore back or for a head support. Shop for a pattern that will go with your bed ensemble.  Here is a red accent pillow that I designed.  You may customize this pillow by adding your own graphics and words. 

Red Accent Pillow with Gold Christmas Tree

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

When it comes to decorating for the Christmas season many people will accent their bedroom with touches of red and green. They may add a Christmas tree or cover their bed with a holiday quilt. It makes sense to me to decorate your bedroom since you spend an average of ten hours in this room each day. It is a good place to rest at the end of the day looking at the lights flickering on the holiday tree.

View this video for Christmas bedroom ideas.  Scroll to the bottom of this article for my Christmas bedroom design.

Know that you do not have to decorate every inch of your bedroom. The decorations for this room should be simple with touches of the holiday season here and there.

I recommend covering your bed with a solid cover comforter and pillow shams. A neutral color is best as this would be the backdrop for your holiday pattern pillows. You would also want your window treatments to one color, a contrast or color that would blend with room theme.

Here is a bedroom design that I created to show a customer how to decorate their bedroom for Christmas. The room color scheme is green, beige and gold. All of these colors are featured in the room accessories. Throw pillows, tapestry blanket throw, Venetian style wood wall art and the window decorations are lovely Christmas accessories that add coziness to the bedroom. 

Find all of these Christmas decorations at

Do you decorate your bedroom for the Christmas season?  Here is a bedroom design that I created for one of my customers.  The red and green color scheme looks so pretty with the vintage white furniture.  

Friday, June 30, 2017

Decorating Bedroom for Autumn Season

Whenever I see chrysanthemum flowers or the color orange I think of the autumn season. I love the autumn season because I enjoy decorating my home with the seasonal colors of orange, brown, gold and pomegranate. Even though it is summer I know that soon this season will be coming to an end and the autumn season will begin,

This year I will be decorating my guest bedroom with autumn colors. My brother will be coming to visit and think the bedroom will be cozier if I change out the color scheme and add assorted throw pillows and cover the bedside table with a seasonal tablecloth. The fall colors are warm and earthy and will make the bedroom feel cozy and welcoming.
Here is a modern autumn bedroom that I designed that will show you how to decorate your bedroom for the autumn season.

Here are a few products that were used in this autumn bedroom set.

Autumn Leaves on Maple Tree Throw Pillows

Fall Leaves - Trees Photograph Collage Tripod Lamp

Autumn Nature Trail at Sunset Wrapped Canvas Print

When it comes to decorating the bedroom or living areas for the autumn season I like to cover the nightstand or coffee table with a tablecloth. When you cover the furniture you protect them from damage and you add color and interest to your room I found this watercolor landscape with autumn tree leaves tablecloth online and think it would be perfect for covering a bedroom nightstand. (see this tablecloth in Bedroom image above)

Autumn Leaves on Trees Tablecloth

My bedroom has hardwood floors I think the room would look cozy and feel warm with an area rug with autumn season colors. I added this to my list and will shop online for this seasonal product. Do you decorate your home and bedroom for the autumn season?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Designing Invitations for Groupon

This week when I visited my Zazzle store I found that I was invited to submit my flat 5/7, glossy card and invitation designs to the My Groupon Products program on Zazzle. For me, this invitation was an honor since I do not design flat cards or invitations. Yes, I have designed flat cards and invitations in the past for customers but never for approval for likes of an organization like Groupon.

I was up for the challenge and designed six-holiday type invitations. I worked tirelessly for a week on the invitations and when they were completed I tagged them for Zazzle approval and four of the six were selected for the program.

Know that there are other designers on zazzle that have tremendous talent and I did not think I had shot at getting accepted, so when I found my product designs on the Groupon page at Zazzle I was thrilled.

The invitations are available for the membership Groupon discount and they are also available for purchase by the general public. So for the print on demand designer, this is a win-win because of the exposure.  It is a wonderful way to get new customers.

Here is my invitation widget, click the blue text under the products to view at my Zazzle store.

Now that my invitation designs are completed I will get back to designing products for home décor.

Friday, March 3, 2017

5 Spring Home Decor Ideas

This morning I got a call from one of my friends who said that she wanted to decorate her home for the spring season. She preferred that the decorations be for adults. 

Normally my friend will set a vintage style vase of tulips on the dining table and call it her spring decorations. This year her kids are visiting and she wants her home to appear more festive, cozy and welcoming.

Her wants are simple decorations that will provide a look of spring but would not be expensive. She also wanted to decorate her home now and keep it throughout the spring season.

Here are a few simple decorating ideas

1. Create a spring-like entrance to your home by painting the foyer wall a pale yellow. This cheerful color is a natural way to add positive energy, make a small area look bigger and the color is complementary to all pastel colors.
2. Decorate this feature wall with a spring floral painting or framed poster. Add a foyer table with silk or fresh cut spring tulips, daffodils, hyacinths or lilacs. A spring style figurine by Jim Shore would compliment the arrangement or a pretty glass or crystal votive with a candle.
3. Add spring pastel color to your living room and guest bedroom by accenting your space with floral pattern throw pillows. Choose prints that are of flowers that bloom in spring. Example; a daffodil floral pillow (yellow, white and green) would look fabulous with a yellow white and green stripe pillow. Then add to the mix a solid yellow, or green color no print pillow. Three or more pillows would look eye appealing. Choose from a variety of sizes as they will add interest to your decorations.
4. Spring weather can be cool and you may want to drape a seasonal pattern blanket on the backside of your accent chair or sofa. Pretty floral prints, or colorful butterflies would look nice as long as the color of the blanket is the same as your color scheme.
5. Accent your front door with a silk spring season wreath and change out your doormat to one with a spring theme.
Cute Grass, Bunny and Daffodils Easter Doormat

Here are a few of my spring season home-products I designed to inspire my friend to decorate. Click on the link to view or to buy any of the products.

Monogram Daisy Flower Wreath Tripod Lamp

Spring Green and White Floral Print Hand Towel

White Daffodils Garden Pillow

Yellow and White Irises Garden Round Pillow