Saturday, July 12, 2014

Interior Decorating Ideas for Green Theme Living Room

Bring the garden indoors when you decorate with the color green.  Green is the right color to make your living room feel restful. A place for family and friends to congregate to play a board game, watch TV, talk or unwind after a stressful day at work or at school.

Personally I prefer a neutral room that features creamy walls, a neutral hued sofa and country style coffee table and end tables. Then I will accent with a variety of green accessories; throw pillows, canvas print, straw baskets, lamps, vintage luggage and a silk or real tree tucked in the corner. 

Here is a living room set that I created at polyvore.  I used many of my own designs; throw pillows, lamp and canvas print to accessorize this green them room.  The set will show you how a few inexpensive accessories will bring harmony to a green theme room.

Green Living Room

Green Living Room by sgolis featuring crate and barrel furniture

Decorating Ideas for Cottage Style Bedroom

When it comes to decorating a  cottage style bedroom with accessories I always think botanical prints with greenery. I like the floral prints with green color because it represents nature and harmony. 

Decorating with flowers and the color green creates a cozy and calm ambiance, thus green is a good color and floral print accessories in bedroom works well for because it is a room where one goes to rest.

Here are some ideas for decorating a cottage style bedroom 

Decorate a  cottage bedroom by adding white wainscoting on the lower half of your wall and then paint the top wall green.  Choose a green paint shade that will match your accessories.

Then decide on the focal area of your room. Generally your bed is the feature in your bedroom and thus you will use your primary colors on the bed.  Use floral print throw pillows, pillow shams and other floral print accessories then I would comforter or quilt set that is a neutral color  or has a dainty floral print.

Then accessorize  bed ensemble with coordinating throw pillows.  

Hydrangea "Blue Wave" Throw Pillow

Continue decorating this country cottage bedroom  by adding coordinating bedside table lamps or a pendant lamp.

beautiful vintage floral flowers polka-dot pattern table lamp
beautiful vintage floral flowers polka-dot pattern table lamp by TiagoMiguel

Decorate the walls with botanical canvas prints and add interest and warmth to your country cottage bedroom.

Continue to accessorize the green theme bedroom with hat boxes, set of 3 would be best.  These boxes would add a touch of greener and would look nice on top of your dresser or stacked on top of each other next to a accent chair.

Accessorize country cottage bedroom with a botanical 

Rose (4) Gift Box
Rose (4) Gift Box by StVenus

Here are some cottage bedroom interior sets that I created at Polyvore.  I created these sets to show my clients my decorating ideas.  I used zazzle accessories to accent the room and other online finds. 

Cottage Style Bedroom

Cottage Style Bedroom by sgolis featuring a mini dress form

Cottage Style Pink Rose Bedroom

Cottage Style Pink Rose Bedroom by sgolis featuring vintage home decor

Friday, July 11, 2014

Country Cottage Living Room Inspiration

My home is traditional dark wood vintage furniture from the 1929’s and I love the look but would prefer if my living room had a more cottage feel as I think it is has more character.   Presently my living room is formal and when friends and family come to visit they walk past this room and go to my country theme kitchen.

My husband loves the tradition living room so I have been pointing out to him in magazines and also on HGTV how comfortable the country cottage theme makes a room feel. 

I think by adding a few key accessories that it will make a huge difference.  Any way I want to keep my wood furniture I only want to change out some accessories so that the ambiance will be warm and welcoming. 

I am inspired to decorate my living room with a country theme by featuring a hooked rugs, folklore patchwork toss pillows, plaid or calico homespun sofa throws, handcrafted antique wooden toys and Battenberg lace window treatments.  So here are some accessories finds that I think would make my living room feel cozier.

Country Cottage Accessories from

For the coffee table leave a puzzle opened up with pieces scatter this is a good way to get family and guest working together to put together;  a real ice breaker at house party.

Add a deck of vintage cards for another way for family and guests to relax in the living room

Vintage French Toile Bicycle® Playing Cards
Vintage French Toile Bicycle® Playing Cards by GrafixMom
Check out more Playing Card Decks online at

Keep with the country cottage theme and add some beverage coasters to your coffee or end tables.  By adding coasters family and friends will feel more welcomed and not afraid of my formal living room.

This pillow coordinates well with the color theme of the room.  The vintage style will compliment a country cottage theme.

Complete the room with a feature canvas print above the sofa.  Here are a few prints that I love.

Vintage Country Cottage Stretched Canvas Print
Vintage Country Cottage Stretched Canvas Print by Sara_Valor
Browse Vintage Canvas Prints online at

Light up your country cottage living room with table and pendant lamps by

I am inspired to decorate my living room; how about you do you have a room in your home that needs to be redecorated?  You need not make major changes; sometimes changing out accessories will make the room warm and welcoming.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Country Theme Decorating Ideas for Kitchen

Many people decorate their kitchen with county theme because these rooms will have warm and welcoming ambiance.  I know whenever I enter a kitchen that is decorated with county interior accessories that I can feel the comforts of the room and I tend to hang out in kitchen because it feels cozy.

There are many ways to accent your kitchen with a country theme.  I like farm animals in the kitchen; rooster, chicken, hogs, cows, pastures and barns and sunflowers. These country kitchen accessories always make the room look interesting.

Some decorating ideas for your kitchen would include hand or kitchen towels, mugs, plates, canisters, feature picture, lamp and pendant lamp over kitchen table and other country theme accessories.  

Here are some zazzle products that I found that have a country theme.  Enjoy