Thursday, May 25, 2017

Zazzle Wall Decor – Poster and Prints

Update your space with a new poster or print from zazzle. They have hundreds of thousands of pictures for your walls. Honestly, there is something for everyone.

Whenever one of my friends says that they are bored with their living room and desire an update I always recommend changing out the wall décor. It is a whole lot easier than moving the furniture, painting the room or changing out the other home decorations.

A poster or print that is framed and hung on a feature wall will add ambiance to your space. Choose from floral, animals, architectural, seasons, and more for your wall art. Compliment the theme of your room or change the look with a poster or print.

Here are a few of my favorite poster and prints.
This vintage style living room features a dark chocolate sofa, accent chair and coordinating accessories including faux leather throw pillows that I designed. On the wall is a canvas print that I created from one of my original photographs of Plott hound hunting in the Florida Keys. This room set is warm and cozy, a perfect setting for reading a book or sipping herbal tea. Shop for dog wall art here

Hunting Dog in Wetlands Poster

This home set was created to show my customers how to decorate a black living space with my artwork Shop for artwrok that will compliment a variety of home decor themes here

Friday, April 21, 2017

Water Under the Bridge Decorative Plaque

I found this plaque at and knew that it would complement many home interiors. I also knew that many people have had a falling out with family, friends or other person and realized that the person meant more to you then the disagreement. Perhaps you were wronged, perhaps they were wronged, but you realize that the wrong does not matter, that they mean more to you than whatever was said. It is is the past and is water under the bridge.

Know that this plaque is a nice gesture and it can be added to one's home décor as a reminder that life is too short and that it is best to forgive all who have wronged you, forgive and forget.

Here is the plaque, the nature image has a lovely brook with a wooden bridge and background of the forest.  Then there is a poem about the meaning of "Water under the bridge" 

Water Under the Bridge Photograph Plaque

Here is a home set that will show you how lovely the plaque is and how it would look in a reading room. Shop for the products used in this interior design by clicking the product bellow.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Designing Invitations for Groupon

This week when I visited my zazzle store I found that I was invited to submit my flat 5/7, glossy card and invitation designs to the My Groupon Products program on zazzle. For me, this invitation was an honor since I do not design flat cards or invitations. Yes, I have designed flat cards and invitations in the past for customers but never for approval for likes of an organization like Groupon.

I was up for the challenge and designed six-holiday type invitations. I worked tirelessly for a week on the invitations and when they were completed I tagged them for zazzle approval and four of the six were selected for the program.

Know that there are other designers on zazzle that have tremendous talent and I did not think I had shot at getting accepted, so when I found my product designs on the Groupon page at zazzle I was thrilled.

The invitations are available for the membership Groupon discount and they are also available for purchase by the general public. So for the print on demand designer, this is a win-win because of the exposure.  It is a wonderful way to get new customers.

Here is my invitation widget, click the blue text under the products to view at my zazzle store.

Now that my invitation designs are completed I will get back to designing products for home décor.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Decorating Tips for a Masculine Living Room

Many men have their own apartments or homes and they want a nicely decorated space where they can have friends over for gatherings or entertain by hosting dinner parties and such.  I find that men that are professionals or men who enjoy entertaining guest in their home, desire a masculine modern space that is not cluttered and does not look like a college dorm or man cave.

Here is a masculine black home set that I designed to show one of my clients how to decorate their space.

Masculine Modern Home Decor

Recently I helped a friend of mine to decorate his living room. He had just moved into an apartment and needed help with setting up the seating area and choosing the right sofa. 

Since his apartment was empty I was able to use tape on the floor to show him the seating and table arrangement that I thought would work. He decided on a sofa, two chairs, and a coffee table. No end tables were desired, he thought a ceiling fan was a good idea, overhead lighting with a dimmer switch and a few framed posters for the walls.

Decorating Tips
  1. Buy masculine throw pillows faux leather look.
  2. Add ambiance and also protect wood floor by sofa with an area rug to go under the coffee table.
  3. Create a cozy and comfortable space with framed posters and decor clock on feature walls
  4. Consider bamboo shades for the windows that have a privacy lining
  5. TV mount for the wall.
Gears Design Industrial Steampunk Wall Clock

I suggested that he buy his sofa first, then pillows. He thought one pillow would be good. So I told my friend that guys like a lot of throw pillows. Know that It is best to buy two square, two lumbar and one round or accent Arrange them on the sofa and these pillows will enable all to feel more comfortable, plus they make the sofa look cozy.

I offered my shopping service and he liked the idea of me gathering pillows from online that would look good with a dark brown sofa.  

Here are a few pillows that I found at The were created by designers and you will not find them at the mall.  
If you like the masculine pillows then you can shop for everything viewed by clicking on the link. You can buy as shown or design your own from a photograph.

Friday, March 3, 2017

5 Spring Home Decor Ideas

This morning I got a call from one of my friends who said that she wanted to decorate her home for the spring season. She preferred that the decorations be for adults. 

Normally my friend will set a vintage style vase of tulips on the dining table and call it her spring decorations. This year her kids are visiting and she wants her home to appear more festive, cozy and welcoming.

Her wants are simple decorations that will provide a look of spring but would not be expensive. She also wanted to decorate her home now and keep it throughout the spring season.

Here are a few simple decorating ideas

1. Create a spring-like entrance to your home by painting the foyer wall a pale yellow. This cheerful color is a natural way to add positive energy, make a small area look bigger and the color is complimentary to all pastel colors.
2. Decorate this feature wall with a spring floral painting or framed poster. Add a foyer table with silk or fresh cut spring tulips, daffodils, hyacinths or lilacs. A spring style figurine by Jim Shore would compliment the arrangement or a pretty glass or crystal votive with a candle.
3. Add spring pastel color to your living room and guest bedroom by accenting your space with floral pattern throw pillows. Choose prints that are of flowers that bloom in spring. Example; a daffodil floral pillow (yellow, white and green) would look fabulous with a yellow white and green stripe pillow. Then add to the mix a solid yellow, or green color no print pillow. Three or more pillows would look eye appealing. Choose from a variety of sizes as they will add interest to your decorations.
4. Spring weather can be cool and you may want to drape a seasonal pattern blanket on the backside of your accent chair or sofa. Pretty floral prints, or colorful butterflies would look nice as long as the color of the blanket is the same as your color scheme.
5. Accent your front door with a silk spring season wreath and change out your doormat to one with a spring theme.
Cute Grass, Bunny and Daffodils Easter Doormat

Here are a few of my spring season home-sets that I designed to inspire my friend to decorate. Click on the link to view or to buy any of the products.

Seasonal Home Decor by sgolis on

Friday, December 2, 2016

Custom Keepsake Pewter Snowflake Ornament

Christmas ornaments that are custom made with a photograph or a saying from your heart make thoughtful memories for your holiday tree.  When you give a custom made pewter snowflake ornament you are giving the recipient a memory and every year thereafter when they decorate their tree they will remember you.

Today I was hired to create a keepsake memory for a grandmother who found an old family photograph.  The photograph should have been remastered but my client did not want that instead, she said, "do what you can to create a keepsake ornament."  She had faith in me and I did my best to design something beautiful.

The photograph was not big enough for the frame and could not be enlarged due to the resolution.  So I did a background color and overlay of silver snowflakes.  I erased the snowflakes from the center of the ornament to show the lovely family then combined before adding shading to soften the appearance.  This layered design then was uploaded to a pewter snowflake ornament.

This ornament is a template and you are welcome to create a happy memory with one of your family photographs.  Here is the finished silver snowflake ornament that I created.

Add Your Family Photo to Snowflake Ornament

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Decorative Christmas Pattern Pillows

Who doesn't love decorative Christmas pillows on their sofa, bed or accent chair? Colorful holiday prints; snowman, Christmas tree and Santa Claus are few of my favorites. I find that when I walk into a room and see a variety of accent pillows on the sofa, I think that this seating area looks very inviting.

This week I have been busy creating decorative pillows for the Christmas season. Know that pillows are a great way to “deck your halls.” or living space.

Here are my favorite Christmas pillows….you’ll want a few for your living space, and why not buy a set as a gift.

2-Sided Christmas Santa Claus Decorative Pillow

Be Jolly Santa Claus Christmas Lumbar Pillow

Green and Red Merry Christmas Throw Pillow

Be Jolly 2 Sided Christmas Green Throw Pillow

View all of my Christmas decorative pillows here.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Decorating Christmas Tree with Cat Ornaments

You bet I am a cat lover and think that a Christmas tree that is decorated with cat ornaments would be super cute for home office, veterinarian office or the living room of a cat lover. 

I thought  I would buy a real balsam Christmas tree and decorate it with a cat ornaments and cat toy garland that I would make. The tree would be given to the lady who helps me with the care of the feral and the stray cats in  my neighborhood.  

This cat caretaker is a senior citizen that really love cats. So as a way to thank her I have decided to give her a cat theme Christmas tree that is decorated with cat ornaments, mouse catnip products and do a ball with bell cat toy garland.  I may add da-bird cat toy with the bright colored feathers to the decorations, then she can use this cat toy after the holiday season to play with her cat.

Needless to say, I was excited about my cat decoration idea and shared it with a friend of mine that heads up a small cat organization in another city. She loved the idea and asked me to create a tree for her also. She said to decorate it the same way as I had mentioned and she gave me a great budget for products for the job. (I am all smiles)

I am excited about the cat themed Christmas trees because I think the idea is super cute, plus I know the decorated tree will make many people smile.

Here are a few ornaments that my friend sandyspider designed and a few of my ornaments. I also found some cat Christmas ornaments online at and If you are interested in learning more about these ornaments click on the orange highlighted words bellow the cat ornament widget.

Animal Ornaments
Animal Ornaments
by Photo Gifts By Sgolis

Friday, September 30, 2016

Autumn is Blanket Weather

When you think of the autumn season you think of cool days and nights or warm days with cool nights. The weather in autumn can change in an hours time so one needs to be ready for anything, including having blankets on the bed and in the den.
Pets LIKE Cozy Fleece Blankets
Last night was definitely autumn blanket weather,  in fact, it was so cool that I shut the windows and put two fleece blankets on the bed. We did not turn on the furnace nor did we start a fire in wood burning stove. The fleece blankets  kept us warm and cozy on a cool autumn night.
Buy Fleece Blankets at
This morning I woke up at five o’clock. and did some housework and  warmed the living room with the space heater, then sat down to watch the news. The house felt cold so I covered up with a tartan fleece blanket and my dog got up on the sofa and laid next to me. The combination of dog and blanket was cozy.

Everyone is telling me that winter is going to be cold and snowy this year so I will  be shopping at for fleece blankets, I like the patterns and they always have daily sales. Here are a few blankets that I recommend. Click onto the product to view, You can buy the blankets as shown or customize by uploading your own photograph.

See other gifts available on Zazzle.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Fall Decor – Creating a Cozy Living Space

Create a cozy living room for your family and friends to relax by adding fall colors. Orange, golden brown and burgundy are a few of my favorite fall colors because they make the space feel warm and inviting.

Add fall ambiance to your space with decorations. Fall leaf printed pillows for your sofa, a rustic metal container with yellow mums, fall landscape poster for your wall are just a few ways that you can decorate your space with for fall.

Know that the fall season can be rainy or cool so family will be spending more time indoors. The throw pillows are great for the kids for watching TV or sitting on the floor, a throw blanket is also a good idea draped over the sofa.

Accent the coffee table with a leaf pattern table runner, then add candles and a bowl of nuts. You may also want to add a board game or a puzzle. I got this idea from my sister in law, games added to the living space creates a family activity.

Shop for your fall decorations at Find lovely autumn leaves or landscape patterned room accents for less. Take advantage of the daily sales on quality fall décor.

Here are a few living room sets that I designed. They will show you how to create a cozy living space. All of these sets feature my fall décor products that I designed. View my fall home decorations here.