Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gothic Style Black Rose Bedroom Ideas

The Gothic subculture is dark, black and purple being prominent colors however it is also elegant with strong ties to Victorian and romance. 

Know that when it comes to creating an elegant Gothic style guest bedroom for a friend, I needed to research the look so that I could learn more. I also had to go to my friends facebook page to learn about her likes.  

When I felt comfortable I created a Gothic style bedroom set for my friend that features a Victorian inspired black rose wall paper, black rose lamp and round pillows and also a regal black tufted sofa, ornate crystal chandelier and black and white high back bed with black pillows.

Here is video from that will show you lovely gothic style bedrooms.

The bed that I featured in the set I found at the stripes make the bed frame interesting and you can change the look of the bed with a black on black brocade duvet cover.  Normally you see the black Victorian four poster bed, or an iron bed but I thought I would add a unique bed style to the set.

It is too soon to know if my friend will love the look. Anyway here is my Gothic black rose guest bedroom set that I created for a friend.

Gothic Black Rose Bedroom

Bellow are the black rose home décor products that I used in creating this home set. Shop for all other products at

Black Rose Home Decor

Here is the fabric that I used on the walls in the bedroom set.  I created this linen craft fabric from a black rose photograph.  This mirrored looking is lovely don't you agree.  If you like this fabric you can order a sample to see what it looks like, the weight of the fabric and if it will fit your needs.

Black Rose Craft Fabric
Black Rose Craft Fabric by Susang6
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Here is a flash panel of all of my rose collection; black, red and blue.

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