Thursday, May 19, 2016

White Christmas Home Decor

Thinking and talking about Christmas in May is not something that I do, but that does not mean that Christmas will not come up in the conversation.  Occasionally I will see people who know  me because of my  work as I have decorated customers homes; interior and exterior for the Christmas season. Today while having coffee I was introduced as the designer who decorated one of the homes in my community and this is why I was talking about white interior and exterior Christmas decorations in May. 

Now you would think that a white Christmas theme would be nontraditional in comparison to red and green but I think that the white, silver, balsam green with touches of dark blue as a classic combination because this theme represents nature and the winter season. 

Here is a winter white Christmas set that I created at polyvore.  Do you like this Christmas dining room?

Dreaming of a White Christmas

This winter theme consists of the colors of white, silver, gold and evergreen. I love the winter season, the snow and the ice with a background of balsam fir trees and a herd of deer in the clearing, it is enchanting, a winter wonderland.

Here are a few products that I recommend.  
Shopping off season gets you the sale price, come August when stores start to receive Christmas products the prices will increase.

I am looking forward to November first as that is when I will begin decorating my client's homes for Christmas.  Do you decorate your home with a theme?

View all of my  Christmas home and fashion sets here.  Many of these designs were created for my print on demand and interior design customers.  

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Botanical and Birds Home Office Decor

Today I met with a client of mine who has a vintage style home office that is decorated  with tufted style desk chair, bookshelf, and seating area next to the  window.  

The floor is hardwood with a botanical and bird patterned area rug under the desk and chair. There is a window with garden view. The ambiance of the room was very cozy and I would love to decorate it for the client.
My client said that she needed some ideas on how to decorate the space. I chatted with her to determine what she liked / disliked.   learned that she was active at Audubon nature center and also loved botanicals. I also learned that she liked the country cottage look because it was warm and inviting. 

From this conversation. I knew that the home office décor would consist of floral prints and birds with a country cottage ambiance.
I told her I would personally shop for office decorations and send her my online finds to her by email. Should my client like the products , she can shop and buy the products easily by clicking on the link. When she receives the home decorations I can help her place them in her space.
Here are a few products that I have gathered for the office space.  If you are interested in any of these designs you can view them at the shopping website by clicking onto the highlighted link bellow the  product image.

Bird Home Accessories

This birdhouse binder is a template so text can be changed. This binder will compliment my clients “vintage cottage” theme home office and I think she will love the birds.

Backyard birds posters brings the outdoors indoors. I thought a feature wall of famed bird posters would look nice.

Yellow Finch Sticker
Yellow Finch Sticker by bmthour
Find more Bird Stickers at

Bird desk lamp

Lumbar pillow for back support when sitting long hours at desk