Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fun Ideas for Decorating with Bottles

When you want to add interest or color to your space then accent your home with a variety of bottles and mason jars. Bottles are trendy and a fun way to decorate your interior.

Yes you can shop for bottle décor at home stores but I think it is more fun to find them at garage sales, flea markets or to gather up bottles that you use in your home.  Colored or clear bottles will make a great display on your coffee table, shelf or on top of bookcase. Plus an assortment of bottles or mason jars are eye appealing in every room including the bathroom. The bottles can be functional too. I use canning jars for q-tips and cotton balls in the bathroom and since I had the jars I did not have to go out and buy bathroom accessories. 

Recycling the bottles and glass jars in your home will save you money and will create interesting displays.

The best way to create a bottle arrangement is to start with the tallest bottle in the center and then stagger the bottles around and off to the side of this bottle. You can add different shapes, and colors to the arrangement or you can group a variety of clear glass bottles and jars. Be creative, have fun when decorating your interior home.

Here are are some polyvore sets that I created that will show you how to decorate with bottles.

Decorating Home with Zazzle
Decorating Home with Zazzle Accessories by sgolis featuring a metal bottle

Zazzle Home Decor for Living Room
Zazzle Home Decor for Living Room by sgolis featuring storage furniture

Get inspired to decorate with bottles by viewing this photograph of bottles on mantel. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Decorating Dining Room for Christmas

When it comes to decorating my dining room for the Christmas I like to set my table with a festive tablecloth, china and centerpiece. I generally leave my table set throughout the season and it is eye appealing. I also like to accent my china nook because it is located on a feature wall directly behind my dining table.

This year I will use my Spode Christmas tree dinnerware in my china nook and plan to accent this china with battery operated candles because these low light votives look so pretty when the chandelier lights are dimmed.

I also thought I would accent this area with silk holly branches and small red ornaments. The Christmas decorations would compliment my spoke china.

Spode Christmas Tree China in Nook

My dining table will be set with a damask or seasonal patterned holly branch green and white tablecloth with fresh balsam branches for a centerpiece. I will add pine cones and red tartan bows to the arrangement. The fresh balsam will add lovely fragrance to the room.

My theme is the vintage Christmas tree this year along with red and green color scheme for the rest of my house. I will decorate with things that I have and buy my throw pillows and other elegant Christmas tree accents at zazzle.com

Here are a few of home decorations that I found, all were designed by the zazzle artists.

Christmas Tree Tripod Lamp
Christmas Tree Tripod Lamp by Susang6
Find another lamp online at Zazzle

Vintage Santa Claus Plate
Vintage Santa Claus Plate by xmasstore
Browse more Vintage christmas tree Plates at Zazzle

Holly Branch Happy Holicays Custom Tablecloth
Holly Branch Happy Holicays Custom Tablecloth by Susang6
Check out more Green and white Tablecloths at Zazzle

View this video for some easy and elegant Christmas decorating ideas.