Monday, March 28, 2016

Radiant Heated Flooring Remodeling Tips

Radiant heated floors are steam pipes that are filled with hot water from your water heater. These electric coils are then used to heat the floors. The radiant heated floors will allow you and your family to feel the warmth when you step out of the shower or sit on the floor. Know that heat rises and these heated floors are a good way to keep your home warm.
I learned about heated floors while visiting friends in Colorado. Where they resided the winters were very cold however they heated their entire home with radiant heat in the flooring and walls. I assumed that I would be cold but will tell you the home was warm and cozy. So when it came time for our bathroom remodel my husband and I decided to install radiant flooring.
View this video to learn more about the benefits of radiant heat.

If you are interested in learning more about radiant flooring, then I would recommend that before you choose your  flooring look at the variety of products that are available for this type of floor. You can choose from Pergo laminated, ceramic, porcelain, stone, marble, granite, concrete and slate floors make good choices for  radiant heated floors because they are great conductors of heat.
Choose the flooring color and style that complements your home décor and also appeals to your needs. Heated flooring is a onetime installation and it is wise to choose a product that you will not grow tired of.
Know that shopping for flooring is like going to a candy store.  We all want what we cannot afford.  So before you shop for flooring it is best to know your budget for the remodel. Plus you will need to determine if you will be installing the heated flooring yourself or will you need to hire a contractor? If you are knowledgeable about this type of remodel then you may be able to install the heated floors otherwise I would recommend a contractor.
When it came time to update our bathroom my husband hired a contractor to install radiant heated concrete slaps that were then stained. We loved the look of the modern floors plus they are easy to maintain. I noticed that there is no dust buildup. Unlike forced air from a furnace that is a carrier for dust, radiant heated floors are cleaner, no dust bunnies.

Learn more about radiant heated flooring by reading this article EnergyGOV/ energy saving radiant heating 

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