Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Craft / Sewing Room Inspiration

For the longest time my craft/sewing room was a renovated pantry that was long and narrow. I tried moving my hobby desk every which way but never felt comfortable and when the door was closed it was awful. So my handy husband turned the our small bedroom into a craft room.
Whenever we plan a project the work will done together. Normally I will draw out the plans and take the measurements and my husband is the laborer. Then I will decorate.
Granted that area in the house will be tore up for a few days but the out come will be great and we will save money do the work ourselves.
So today I am going to get a head start on our upcoming home remodel by removing the furniture and then I will paint the walls a pastel yellow. I do not want to paint the walls dark colors because the room may feel closed in. Then instead of a drape on the window I thought I would do white shutters and on the wall next to the window I would add a mirror

.*The above home set is a digital design or my inspiration room. This set was created at polyvore.com

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