Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Real Tree Home Decor Ideas

If you are a nature lover then it makes perfect sense to accent your home with real tree decorations. I like trees, I enjoy taking photographs of trees especially during the fall season. 

When the leaves change to gold, orange and red it is spectacular. I also like to photograph trees in the winter, at dawn when the moon is setting in the west and the sun is coming up in the east, the light on the trees is mystical is a dreamy sort of way. These photographs enabled me to create real tree home decoration; throw pillows, table runner, and incredible wall art.

When you decorate your home with real trees you will add a coziness to your space. Along with products, I also like to add fresh evergreen and pine cone arrangement for my coffee table because this will add a nature woodsy fragrance to your space. If you prefer you can buy a silk arrangement and then add balsam and cedar home fragrance oil. Use this oil in a fragrance oil warmer and get a woodsy natural fragrance.

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