Monday, June 27, 2016

Decorating ideas for Sunroom

I love my sunroom even though it is really small (9x11). At one time this space was a deck off a bedroom, but the owner before me enclosed the deck by installing walls, windows, and a roof. It is a small space that is not insulated, but the enclosure makes it nice and it has a view of the garden. A change to the decorating will make this space perfect and here is my inspiration sunroom. I designed the home set at

I thought I would redecorate this space by changing the color on the walls to light gray with white enamel trim on the baseboards and window ledges. Then buy room darkening blackout shades or drapes from The shades or drapes need not be expensive, but they do have to be able to block the sun because this room gets the southern sun in the afternoon.

The blackout window treatments will benefit this room by blocking the sun and they will also add insulation.

Another way to redecorate this space is to add a focal point. I think I will create a focal area or feature in this space by adding a love seat in a neutral color; beige or tan. The sofa will be up against the side window. This will enable front and opposite window views of the garden.

Adding assorted throw pillows to the sofa will sure make it look inviting. For this room, I have selected the accent color blue. I shopped at and found pattern throw pillows and other blue wall accents, plus color coordinating Mosaic print table runner for the coffee table.

The interior redesign of this room is coming together but before I can check off that it is completed, we have to address the flooring. The floor covering has to be updated, right now it is a laminated peel and stick green print tile over the wood deck. I do not like it and would prefer Berber carpet with padding because it will add insulation to the sunroom and the neutral color will be complementary.

There is room for a few plants, I could hang a spider plant in the corner or add a potted palm tree. These plants would add ambiance to the sunroom and the palm would act as an air purifier.

I am satisfied with these decorating ideas because the sunroom will look larger and eye appealing. A room where one would go to relax and enjoy the view of wildlife in the garden.

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