Sunday, June 2, 2013

Decorating with Yellow Accessories

Many of my clients ask me what they can do to make a small room look bigger or how to highlight a dark corner and I always tell them to accent their home decor with yellow accessories. The color yellow is an easy way to update a room by making it look cheerful and bright.  

In this photograph by pinterest it shows how yellow throw pillows, blinds, area rug and the painted wall have accented a white living area beautifully.    

Here is a photograph from Pinterest and it shows how accenting the room with yellow makes it appear more cheerful.  I love the yellow doors and the the yellow floral accent chair, cabinet and vintage tea cup.

Before you can begin to accessorize your home with the color yellow it is wise to determine the feature walls or areas in the room that need a splash of yellow color. 

The best way for me to determine the feature walls in my home is to stand in the entrance and look forward.  Generally speaking you want the room to be eye appealing and welcoming.  Add yellow accessories to your room is use  yellow patterned or floral throw pillows. Use these décor pillows to highlight your accent chairs and sofa.  If you have small children that sit on the floor, put a few yellow throw pillows in a wicker basket and set close to the play area.

For a beige or tan sofa or chair you could buy a cream or white background pillow with a yellow floral pint.   

Accessorize your home by covering dinning table with a yellow tablecloth.  You can also accent coffee table and end tables with a yellow runner, yellow candles, vase or, a yellow silk floral arrangement.   There are many yellow accessories that will pop up your décor.  However you do not need many yellow accessories to stimulate the ambiance of the room.

Yellow is a color that energizes  your mind and thus it is best when used in the kitchen were the family congregates, the coloryellow will add sunshine to the room

Honeybees & Flowers Candy Jar
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Hummingbird Flower Mug
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Black Eyed Susan Flower
Black Eyed Susan Flower by peacefuldreams
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Here are other yellow home decor accessories that will add cheer to your home

Yellow Giraffe Print Light Switch Plate
Yellow Giraffe Print Light Switch Plate by peacefuldreams
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Shasta Daisy Bath Accessory Set
Shasta Daisy Bath Accessory Set by Susang6
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I hope you enjoyed my tips on decorating with yellow accessories from  Happy home decorating everyone.