Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Are You Mad About Plaid Home Decor

When I think of dressing in a cozy and warm shirt I think of plaid, so it is only natural to want to decorate my homes family space with plaid. You bet I am mad about plaid home décor because it is classic look that is eye appealing and sure does make a winter room look warm.

Know that in the United States of America people refer to tartan as plaid. If somebody mentions a tartan pillow they think, that must be expensive because it is a special plaid. Many people refer to their plaid home decorations as Scotch plaid or tartan plaid and think that there is a difference, and the answer would be that tartan is a scotch plaid thus they are the same.

So are you mad about plaid home decor and want to learn more about how to decorate your home space? 

Well here is a polyvore.com home set that I designed. It features red tartan home accessories by PL design.  You can see by this living room design that the plaid home accessories sure make the room look cozy.  I recommend that you decorate your home with a variety of  throw pillows; plaids and solids that are classic square, round and other.  I like to stage the sofa with contrast behind the pattern, but you can play with it and create your own design look. 

Throw pillows make your sofa and chair look more appealing do you agree?

Cozy Red Plaid Decor

Cozy Red Plaid Decor by sgolis featuring plaid home decor

Know that PLdesign is a gifted designer that creates the most beautiful Tartan home decorations. Her throw pillows are so nice that you could give them as a gift and the recipient would be thrilled. 

Here are a few of my favorite plaid home décor accessories by PLdesign.  Note: if you like what you see but prefer to view in high resolution at the designers online shop, CLICK on the highlighted text to view or buy.  

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