Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Decorating Tips for Guest Bedroom

Decorating a guest bedroom is different from any other bedroom because it is space that should be warm and inviting, with not only a bed but also a sitting area where guest can relax without going out into the family living areas. This sitting area in bedroom should have ample space for guest to have a cup of coffee, read a book or check their email.

Guest bedroom looks cheerful due to warm yellow color.

Here is a space saver bedroom that I designed for one of my clients. You can see by the set-up that the design utilized the smallness of the room very well.
Space Saver Bedroom Ideas

Space Saver Bedroom Ideas by sgolis featuring home decor
 Shop for twin beds with drawers underneath at and 


Know that my guest bedroom is a converted baby nursery and it is small room that may look larger if we add a twin bed with storage space underneath. The drawer space under the bed will then eliminate the need for a dresser or chest of drawers.  Then we will add a two drawer night stand that would provide more storage for a travelers things. 

By eliminating large furniture I have saved space.   Now I can add a chair with side table close to the window or I could have my husband install a window seat with storage space. The window seat would offer our guest a room with a view, comfortable resting area and more space for their things.

Since the room is small I will definitely install some mirrors since they tend to make the room look more spacious. Also instead of drapes on the window I am thinking white wooden shutters and maybe a swag.

When it comes time to install the twin bed know that we will set up on the longest part of the room and I suspect that I will paint the wall behind the bed with a pale yellow color. I like color yellow because it is cheerful and also has the tendency to make a room appear larger.

I would like to decorate the room with yellow flower pattern accessories and a floral quilt, pillow shams and throw pillows. Since the room is small I will use the bed ensemble as the feature.  I thought I would decorate this space with cheerful yellow sunflowers accessories by Lokisbooksnmore. Everything that I viewed at this designers zazzle shop was positive or inspirational. Her designs are as American as apple pie and they make you feel good. I think the sunflower pattern would be perfect for my guest bedroom theme.  

Here are a few home decor products that I like.

On top of the bedside table add a placemat then set the table lamp on top of the mat. The yellow sunflower pattern will compliment the room theme and also will protect the wood table from coffee cup or glass water stains.

Many people enjoy a cup a coffee or herbal tea while they rest in their  bedroom, so having a coffee mug that coordinates with your color theme is a good idea especially if your guest wants to read the paper or book in their room.

A lacquered jewelry or trinket box coordinates with the room theme and it also provides your guest with a place for their jewelry, keys or other small items.

Embossed Sunflower Premium Gift Box
Embossed Sunflower Premium Gift Box by Lokisbooksnmore

If you are interested in any of the home decor accessories that are featured here click onto the highlighted link to view in high resolution at designers shop or to buy.  If you are seeking a custom look please contact the designer on her homepage to discuss design options or other product needs.

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