Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Front Porch Decor Ideas

My neighbor has a magnificent historic home with large front porch and it would look marvelous if it was decorated with outdoor furniture and accessories.

A few days ago when out walking the dog I stopped to visit with a neighbor.  I sat on her front porch steps because there was not seating area on this large and breezy porch.  

While  I visited my neighbor  I kept looking at the dimension and the shape of the porch and then asked her what she was doing with the rattan outdoor sofa set that she bought online a few years back.  The outdoor furniture was in the garage because they did not know where to put it, dog in the yard would eat it if they put it on the patio. 
I had a design idea and I told her that I wanted to redecorate her porch so that they would love it.  I said I would use what they had and that the items that they would need to buy to pop up the decor would be minimum.  We agreed on my fee and I  took the dimensions of the porch and the rattan sofa set.  I also checked to see what decor accessories they had.
In my design set I showed them that a simple change to the  cushions on the outdoor sofa from orange floral print to a solid neutral  beige  would make the set more eye appealing and it would coordinate with other colors. 
I  added some throw pillows, a sofa blanket and other  accessories were an outdoor light, ceiling fan, live tree privacy screen and potted plants. The only thing that I suggest that they buy would be a rattan cooler for their beverages and an outdoor area rug.  It is funny but my neighbors could not imagine their rattan sofa set on their front porch. 

 All it took was creating a design for them and now they are enjoying their warm and inviting porch. I saw them sitting on porch tonight and my neighbor waved and said we love it!

Front Porch Decor
Front Porch Decor by sgolis featuring flower planters

Here is same porch with 4th of July decorations.  

4th of July Home Decor

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Inspired to Decorate Den

Many people have a formal living room and then another space that is referred to as the den. The den usually is an open floor plan and is connected to the the kitchen. This den is where the family and friends hang out to socialize.  Thus the decor in this space  should be appealing to all. 

 My husband and I are empty nesters and so the den need not be family friendly, instead it needs to appeal to adults.  So now that husband is inspired to redecorate we are thinking about the color scheme for the den.

Husband likes black and blue and while they are not my favorite colors I agreed to the inspiration den because I selected all of the colors for the other rooms and knew if it was decorated with these colors and was in good taste then the space would compliment the rest of the house.

Updating  Decor for Blue Theme Space

  1. Our kitchen in stainless steal so no worries there with the black and blue connecting space. I will need to change out the area rug to black or gray and also change out the kitchen accessories and pick up new dish pattern. 
  2. Our sofa is green, so I will need to sew a blue slip cover, which I will make by designing a fabric that will compliment the space at my print on demand shop at Then I will shop around for an accent chair and other home décor accessories.
  3. I think it is wise to paint the feature wall as it will showcase the feature blue abstract rose poster. Instead of taking it to Hobby Lobby to be matted and framed I intend to check out the frame options at zazzle and if they are having a sale it would be wise to get the poster framed, that way when I receive it, I can hang right away.

Anyway those are my ideas for the space and I am inspired to decorate. Check out the set below, it is my black and blue den inspiration.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Minimalist Theme Living Room Ideas

Being a minimalist means that you buy quality things that you will used for many years and less is more. A minimalist home will not have curio cabinets of collectibles. Nor will they have STUFF on the coffee table. Now a minimalist home may feature a floral arrangement and a book that they are reading but that’s it.

A minimalist would say no to impulse buying and yes to practical home décor items that will last a long time. You would choose a dark color sofa rather than a light color one that would get soiled.

For your seating area you would also choose a timeless style. Upholstery would be practical with a thicker weave or a leather sofa and accent chairs would be ideal.

Here is a set that I created that will give you an idea of what I mean when I mention minimalist home décor for living room.  In this room I feature two blue theme abstract pictures, a blue sofa, matching throw pillows, accent tables, lamps and bookcase.  No area rug shown because it is not needed and is extra work.  

I like the minimalist style home decor and I love the less cleaning of decor items and rug.  You save time because dusting is cut to a minimum. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Updating Home with Replacement Windows

My home is 87 years old and the 21 lead glass with rope pulley system windows have never been repaired but instead sealed so that they cannot open. We have storm windows however the home is still drafty.

Husband and I decided it would be in our best interest to replace 9 of the windows because it would be better insulation and also allow us to have cross ventilation. I love the historic windows due to their charm but they are cosmetic only as they do not function and they are not insulated.
Pella replacement windows found on

Finding Replacement Windows

The first thing that we did was take the measurements for the windows we were replacing and then we shopped online to get an idea as to what was available and the costs.

Where to Shop for Replacement Windows Online (reviews and ratings for window contractors)

Our online search provided us with an estimate for the costs, and we were able to look at a variety of window brands and styles.  We picked out what we liked online and then went to our local Lowe's store.

We ended up buying Pella vinyl windows because we liked that they were
quality made and there is a guarantee that they will reduce our heating and air conditioning energy costs and also keep us warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

In comparison to the other windows that we looked at, both my husband and I liked Pella window designs and think that they will improve our comfort by putting a stop to drafts and will make our kitchen, dining room and bedroom plus make our historic home look beautiful.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Design Ideas for Decorating Deck

I was talking with my friend and they were telling me that they have a have a nice deck that was installed by Lowe home improvement however nobody uses it and she would like to have a deck with patio furniture that would allow them to have a nice gathering place for family and friends. She asked me if I had any design ideas that would fit her needs.

I asked her what type of patio furniture she had and she replied a plastic table, four chairs and umbrella with a charcoal BBQ pit.

Plastic is good for kids but it is not eye appealing or inviting and I knew immediately that a change in outdoor furniture would be an improvement. I made and appointment to check out the space.

The deck was beautiful but the outdoor living area was really bad. The plastic table and chairs were okay for kids but not for adults. My friend said her husband picked up the patio set at a few years ago and it had served them well for the last several years but she was ready to update and was open to suggestions.

So I told her about and that I could gather products from that I thought would work for her and put together a design set and email it to her. We discussed my fees for a set design and she agreed to the terms. My fee was fair and compensated me for the personal shopping and deck space design.

Here is the deck design that I created for my client:

Decorating Deck for Summer

Decorating Deck for Summer by sgolis featuring woven patio furniture

I recommended that she look at the products at and then if she wanted to shop around locally for a similar look that she print my design, then she would know what she needed and also how to set up her new patio furniture and accessories.

All of my interior sets are located at my polyvore overview if you are interested in looking at them. You may wonder why the sets are there? Well it allows the client to go back to the design and shop for any items used in creating the space. It is also a good way for their friends and family to view the design set and provide the client with input.

Here are a few of my other digital designs for outdoor living spaces.

Dreamy Tuscan Style Outdoor Space

Dreamy Tuscan Style Outdoor Space by sgolis featuring outside garden decor