Friday, June 30, 2017

Decorating Bedroom for Autumn Season

Whenever I see chrysanthemum flowers or the color orange I think of the autumn season. I love the autumn season because I enjoy decorating my home with the seasonal colors of orange, brown, gold and pomegranate. Even though it is summer I know that soon this season will be coming to an end and the autumn season will begin,

This year I will be decorating my guest bedroom with autumn colors. My brother will be coming to visit and think the bedroom will be cozier if I change out the color scheme and add assorted throw pillows and cover the bedside table with a seasonal tablecloth. The fall colors are warm and earthy and will make the bedroom feel cozy and welcoming.
Here is a modern autumn bedroom that I designed that will show you how to decorate your bedroom for the autumn season.

Here are a few products that were used in this autumn bedroom set.

Autumn Leaves on Maple Tree Throw Pillows

Fall Leaves - Trees Photograph Collage Tripod Lamp

Autumn Nature Trail at Sunset Wrapped Canvas Print

When it comes to decorating the bedroom or living areas for the autumn season I like to cover the nightstand or coffee table with a tablecloth. When you cover the furniture you protect them from damage and you add color and interest to your room I found this watercolor landscape with autumn tree leaves tablecloth online and think it would be perfect for covering a bedroom nightstand. (see this tablecloth in Bedroom image above)

Autumn Leaves on Trees Tablecloth

My bedroom has hardwood floors I think the room would look cozy and feel warm with an area rug with autumn season colors. I added this to my list and will shop online for this seasonal product. Do you decorate your home and bedroom for the autumn season?

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