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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Spring Daffodil Bathroom Accessories

When you decorate your bathroom with colorful spring season daffodil floral bath towels, shower curtain, and other accessories  you will add a cheerful ambiance to your living space. 

 I like to add touches of cheerful yellow to my bathroom decor because coming out of the winter months that is exactly what is needed. Yellow is a positive color and gives good energy.  Here are a few of my bathroom designs 

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The winter has been long, snowy, and bitter cold. I am anticipating the spring season and today I am shopping online for spring-style daffodil flower bathroom accessories. The plan is to put an end to the winter blues by decorating my guest bathroom with pretty spring flowers. Flower decorations like yellow daffodils, tulips, and crocus will make the space feel warm like the sun.

While I love the colors yellow in a white bathroom I don’t want it to appear too yellow so I will accent the yellow color with red or purple because that is a good contrast and also a warm color. Both colors represent the spring flowers that are blooming in my gardens.

When you decorate the bathroom with daffodils or other spring season flowers, you will find that you have brought your garden indoors. Here are a few of my online finds. If you like what you see then click the highlighted words below the image and you will be taken to the store.

Cheerful Yellow Polka Dot with Daffodils Flower Shower Curtain

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Leah said...

I heard an interesting fact about yellow recently, apparently, it is the most popular color among children. I forget the reasoning but it was definitely my fav. color. I still love it, and it works perfectly in a bathroom or kitchen, summer room. I have mustard yellow accents with teal and dusty blue in my lounge. The daffodil is 'my flower' as I was born on St. David's Day. "The daffodil is the national flower of Wales and is traditionally worn on St David's Day, which celebrates Wales' patron saint, David ('Dewi sant' in Welsh), on the 1st March every year." Lemons contrasting with their green leaves are another joyous way to embrace yellow in the home.