Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fresh Herb Wreath How to and Decor Ideas

It is really cold out today and I am missing my herb garden. I have a few herb plants on a southern windowsill but my indoor garden does not compare to my outdoor garden in the summer. So today I thought if I cannot work outdoors in the garden I am going to make a fresh herb wreath for my kitchen and the aroma from the leaves will be nice.

For this wreath I needed to buy bunches of herbs from the farmers market. I was able to find and buy rosemary, thyme and sage. These herb bunches were not inexpensive so I used a bent twig wreath that I had instead of buying one from hobby lobby.
I used 6 eight inch herb stems that were gathered together, I worked the bunch of herbs in-between the bent twig wreath and found I did not need any craft wire to hold them in place.
When all the herbs were attached to the wreath I sprayed then with water to help the herbs to stay fresh. Going forward I will mist the herbs on the wreath daily and they should keep for several weeks. Know that this is an easy craft with big results because the fragrance of the herbs really makes the kitchen have a nice scent. 

Here is a Youtube video that will show you how to make fresh lavender wreath.  Wonderfully fragrant for kitchen, bedroom or entrance to your home.

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