Sunday, June 22, 2014

Gray and Yellow Living Room Decorating Ideas

Today my friend asked me  to help her with her gray and yellow inspiration for her living room.  Her furniture is vintage style in natural wood and some pieces are painted white.  She also has black iron accents.  What I like about the things that she has is that they will work well with her room inspiration. 

I had an idea as to what would work well in the space but knew that my client could not visualize the inspiration room so I went to Polyvore to create a set using the products that I had found that would accessorize the gray and yellow living room theme beautifully. 

Here is a set that I created at polyvore .  It will show you how the colors yellow, gray and white will look in a traditional living room setting.  Many of the products used in this set can be found bellow.

Decorating Ideas:

I suggested that she paint the interior walls light gray, the trim bright white enamel and then the accents would be a combination of medium gray, yellow, white with black accents.

The white and natural dark wood vintage  white end and accent tables and tufted accent chairs will work well with the theme of the room provided I find a damask fabric for upholstery or sofa and chair cover in a white gray and yellow stripe or floral fabric in theme colors.

Then all the living room would need is accessories to complete the look. 

Here are some living room throw pillows that will compliment this gray and yellow living room theme.

A large canvas print or poster as well as sofa throws and an area rug will certainly make the room pop.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Patriotic Decorating Ideas for 4th of July

Patriotic flag: decorating with red white and blue 
When it comes to decorating my home I  like to use patriotic accessories in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and foyer.

I will decorate with red white and blue in all high traffic areas.  I think the  patriotic theme will make my home feel festive and fun on the 4th of July

In the kitchen I would recommend that you decorate with the basics; plates, apron, canisters, placemats, napkins and kitchen towels.  Set your kitchen table and then create a red and white floral centerpiece with blue star accents.

In the living room I would continue my decorations to add a festive pendant lamp, table lamp and some throw pillows.  A large poster with a patriotic theme would also make a feature wall pop and a centerpiece for the coffee table.

Another way to decorate for 4th of July is to wrap a column or drape plastic patriotic streamers as they are a fun and a festive way to add the red, white and blue theme to your party theme.

Accent a bathroom with red white and blue shower curtain, towels and accessory accents.  Your guest will think that the room is eye appealing and that you are creative.

If you plan to dine outdoors on the deck then set the table with a 4th of July theme table cloth and don’t forget the paper plates and napkins.  I found patriotic styled appetizer party plates at that I thought would be perfect when used with patriotic placemats or tablecloth.

Planning and decorating for a 4th of July party will make your home feel welcoming to your guests.  Here are a few of my interior decorating recommendations.

Americana Living Room

Americana Living Room by sgolis featuring Ethan Allen

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Decorating Black and White Kitchen with Food Theme

When it comes to decorating a black and white kitchen I really like accenting it with  accessories that have a food theme.  Food can be fun and it is a theme that will appeal to both men and women.

My food on forks collection was designed for food lovers as it features a succulent filet mignon on a fork, there is also greens salad, pasta, shrimp and cheesecake dessert.

These products offer a delicious assortment of kitchen accents for home or restaurant.  You can even accent your wall with an amazing canvas print, poster or wall clock.  All feature yummy bite size foods on Oneida forks.

Initialing I created this collection to provide my niece with a gift registry products for her kitchen theme bridal shower.  Both she and her husband loved the black background on the accessories with the popping colors of the foods on the forks.  Of course anyone who loves food and the color black will love this collection of kitchen products.

Here are some cool food on forks T-shirts that coordinate well with this black and white food on forks kitchen theme, wear the shirt when you don't want to wear an apron and you will look cool.

I think the shirt is  perfect for your favorite guy or gal chef and would look amazing for a special house party or other gathering.

Restaurant Forks -Shirt Tshirt
Restaurant Forks -Shirt Tshirt by Susang6
Personalize shirt with your own text

Other products from this collection that you may like:
Food Lovers Dinner Napkin Napkins
Food Lovers Dinner Napkin Napkins by Susang6
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Food Lovers Dinner Placemat Placemats
Food Lovers Dinner Placemat Placemats by Susang6
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And if you are planning a dinner party in the future…here is the perfect invitation as it will match your kitchen theme perfectly.  Personalize with your own text or fill in the blanks.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my food on forks collection for kitchen and chef.   Just think how fun this theme would be for a special house party…in a word..AMAZING!