Saturday, November 29, 2014

Blue Christmas Decorating Ideas

When it comes to decorating for the holiday season I enjoy many themes; in  my dining room I will feature a traditional red and green Christmas tree and my breakfast nook is where I will decorate a smaller tree with a blue theme. Both my husband and I enjoying having a blue Christmas tree and decorating this area with a variety of accessories.

One of the reasons that I like decorating with a blue snowflake theme is because it represents winter and after Christmas I will take down my holiday tree but other than that he blue snowflake decorations can remain throughout the winter season.

When it comes time decorate the Christmas tree I will add white mini lights then add a variety of blue theme ornaments and white and silver snowflakes that I bought at amazon, some crystal prisms and when that is completed I will accent the tree with lovely blue satin ribbon with white snowflake print instead of garland.  Here are a few blue snowflake ornaments that I found at zazzle that you may like for your blue Christmas decorations. 

Normally I will decorate a remembrance Christmas tree which consists of childhood Hallmark ornaments and photo ornaments of my loved ones who have passed away.  I also add photo ornaments for my fur kids.  If you are like me and enjoy sharing your holiday with loved ones that have passed away then you may like this lovey pewter snowflake ornament where you to customize with your own photo.

Accent your Christmas tree with this pretty white satin ribbon with blue and white snowflake print. Or Make up individual bows for your Christmas tree.
Your blue them Christmas will look so pretty.

When it comes to decorating for a blue Christmas I prefer simple and elegant. I will accent the kitchen bakers rack with a variety of blue holiday plates, mugs,  and a candy jar. Then hanging off the side of the rack a blue holiday apron. 

Here are a few dinner and decorative plates that will make your blue theme kitchen pop.  You can display them on your bakers rack,  in your china cabinet, on your wall or set a lovely winter wonderland table for your family and guests.  

Spend time with your family and friends by enjoying some holiday plans or a Christmas story while sipping coffee or hot chocolate from your blue snowflake mugs. These mugs are so pretty you would not want to hide them in the cabinet. Instead keep them on your bakers rack or next to your coffee maker on your kitchen counter. Also add some pretty snowflake napkins.

Here are other kitchen accessories that will look coordinate with your Christmas blue theme. 

When I decorate with a specific color I tend to spread the color out so that there is a flow of color rather than the color all in one place.  I think a balance of color is more eye appealing.

Blue Snowflake Candy Dishes by ellenlaurine

And for your wall here is a blue and white winter wonderland poster that I designed from one of my original photographs. This poster will compliment all of your blue Christmas decorations.

White Christmas in Wonderland Poster Poster
White Christmas in Wonderland Poster Poster by Susang6

View this video to get inspired to decorate for a blue Christmas this year


Happy Holiday Decorating Everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Decorating with Silver Snowflake Products

When it comes to decorating for Christmas my clients have expressed that they did not want to go with a traditional red and green, they preferred something modern, dark and dramatic. 

Know that my clients who do not want foo foo  Christmas decorations so I needed to come up with something dramatic that would visually appeal to their tastes and needs for the holiday season..
I took notes on everything that they shared with me, that they planned to decorate a black holiday tree and made it clear that any splash of red color would be used only as an accent as if it was a pop of color in the room.

When everything was discussed I asked them if they would like a winter silver snowflake on black to compliment their homes black, gray and splashes of red color scheme.  They seemed interested in the black and silver combination and so today I sent him the snowflake home collection that I created on Polyvore and then included the zazzle products that I used in the set.  

This set would allow them to visualize how these snowflake products would look in their home.   Here is the set I created for my clients, and the zazzle products used in the set are bellow.  

My client did not waste any time and called me to tell me that he and his partner  liked what they saw but would need to think about what they must have..  
If you have a modern or or if you plan to decorate a black  holiday tree then the snowflake products for holiday and winter home decor may be what you are looking for.

Here are the zazzle products that I recommend for a silver snowflake
 Christmas home. 

Light up the room with silver snowflakes

Decorate your home with Silver SnowflakesThrow Pillows

Silver Snowflake Pillows

Decorate a Black tree with Festive Ornaments 

Black, Silver 1st Christmas Keepsake Ornament by NiteOwlStudio

Here is the entire collection of the black and silver snowflake collection.  If you see anything that you like click onto the product and it will take you to the shop where you may view the product in high resolution.

View more gifts at Zazzle.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Red Poinsettia Pillows for Bedroom Decor

When it comes time for sleeping and getting a good nights sleep we might
as well do it in comfort and in beautiful style. I designed these red
poinsettia pillows for your Christmas theme bedroom as they will provide
you with comfort and will also look beautiful on your bed throughout the season.

Here is a vintage style bedroom set that I created at polyvore.  This set shows you how the poinsettia throw pillows will accent your bedroom.  I don't know about you, but I sure do  love the looks of this beautiful and like the addition of Christmas tree.

When you accessorize your bedroom with a variety of throw pillows you can snuggle with this pillow while reading a book, watching TV and
when you plan to sleep this pillow will provide your aching back with

Personalize these body pillows with your own monogram and or other text. Then keep one for yourself or give one to your family and friends. This pillow
is a wonderful Christmas gift and will be enjoyed by all.

Here are the zazzle home decor products that were used in the Polyore set.

Accent you bedroom  with this beautiful square.  Add your own greeting or name and make a happy Christmas memory..

Here is a white red and green poinsettia pillow theme that will compliment a less dramatic bedroom. I found these Christmas poinsettia pillows at zazzle and they were created by a variety of designers. Click onto the link if you would like to view these throw pillows at the shop and in high resolution.

All square pillows are suitable for bedroom or living areas in your home.

View my entire poinsettia collection here

Learn the history of  the poinsettia here.  
Merry Christmas all and happy decorating

Vintage Style Christmas

I am a lover of vintage Christmas style are you? I think the yesteryear products are so warm and inviting. My tree is decorated with Hallmark ornaments that I can relate to from when I was a child and also there are handmade ornaments that my mom made when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer.

Yes vintage Christmas decorations mean so much to me as it is a time when I decorate my remembrance tree and look around at product that I have bought over the years that have happy memories.

Every year I like to add to my collection so this year when it came time to buying Christmas cards, gift wrap and home decorations I shopped at zazzle for vintage style products. Here are the products that I love for Christmas this year.

Vintage Christmas Tree
Vintage Christmas Tree by sgolis featuring photo ornaments

Vintage Style Cards – Postage – Labels – Gift Wrap

Here are a few vintage style products that I created from one of my photographs. The Christmas tree features handmade ornaments for 1928. They were made by my mother as it was a way to keep her mind positive when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.   The photo is of a snow flocked Christmas tree that is decorated with heirloom ornaments. The photo was captured with candlelight camera setting.  View all of my products at my zazzle shop look for Susang6.

Burgundy Gold Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper Gift Wrap
Burgundy Gold Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper Gift Wrap Paper by Susang6
View additional wrapping paper at

Vintage Merry Christmas Wrapping Paper
Vintage Merry Christmas Wrapping Paper by Susang6
Shop for additional wrapping paper at Zazzle

Vintage Style Ornaments

Personalize the back of ornament with your own happy holiday memory or gift greeting for family or friend.

Vintage Style Table Setting

Christmas Tree Tripod Lamp
Christmas Tree Tripod Lamp by Susang6
Check out other Christmas for home Lamp-In-A-Box Lamp at

Create a Cozy Resting PlaceVintage Style Throw Pillows forLiving room or Bedroom