Sunday, January 18, 2015

Zombie Gifts and Home Decorating Ideas

This year I thought I would decorate my husbands man cave with a few zombie products and also pick up some walking dead and Daryl DixonT-shirts. I think it would be fun to invite a few fans over to watch the premiere show for the 2015 season by hosting a walking dead party.

Personally I do not think we need to go “all out” for this party but do think some throw pillows for sofa, blanket throw, posters, coffee mugs and serving plates and bowls for dips would be perfect for a zombie fall out shelter/man cave.  Plus I really like the cardboard life-size cutout of Daryl Dixon to be set up in the room, I think having him in the room will appreciated by all.  
This blog post features two Walking Dead sets that I created at polyvore. These sets will inspire you to decorate your home with a zombie theme and they also feature today’s hot selling T-shirts. All are must haves for a Walking Dead premier house party.
Zombie gift ideas
Zombie gift ideas

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Gifts by sgolis featuring autumn home decor
I am a walking dead fan and so is my husband. We missed the first three season but then by chance we saw the repeats on AMC and were addicted to the show. How about you? Are you a walking dead fan? If you like the zombie look and would like to create a zombie space in your home then here are few products that I found that are my favorites.  I hope this zombie merchandise inspires you to decorate for the Walking Dead upcoming season.  

So get the party started by featuring past seasons Walking Dead episodes in the background.  A great way to build up anticipation for the up and coming episode.  Another fun party activity is to invite your zombie guest to play the Walking dead board game that will test their knowledge of the show.  This trivia board game is a lot of fun, in fact event the kids enjoy it.  Then get a life size poster of Daryl Dixon and photograph your zombie party guests next to him. We have had both men and women get all dreamy eyed over this poster

Now lets get busy and decorate your home for zombie themed party.  

Decorate your walls with zombies and this will create walking dead ambiance.

Create a comfortable zombie safe zone with throw pillows.

Zombie Pillow
Zombie Pillow by aquachild
Look at more Custom Pillows at zazzle

Accent your sofa or side chair with a zombie response team throw blanket in black and red by zazzle. A throw blanket will certainly add to your party theme.

Serve up some zombie food and beverages in dishware with a dead theme

Zombie Outbreak Response Cutting Board walkers
Zombie Outbreak Response Cutting Board walkers by Sturgils
Look at other Zombie Cutting Board at

Serve up your favorite hot brew in a zombie mug here are a few of my favorites.

Zombie Apocalypse Mug
Zombie Apocalypse Mug by BigSquares
Design your own personalised cup from Zazzle.

Zombie Response Team Mug
Zombie Response Team Mug by packratgraphics
Find more Zombie Mugs at Zazzle

Special effects for zombie party room will pull the decorations together and make your fall out shelter a hit.

Zombie Apocalypse Table Lamp Walking Undead Dead
Zombie Apocalypse Table Lamp Walking Undead Dead by Sturgils

Dress to impress your zombie guests

All shirts are available for him, her, kids and baby.. There is a zombie shirt for everyone at

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