Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cosmetic Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

My husband showed me a bathroom set up that he liked in a magazine. It certainly was manly or masculine and I saw that the colors were different but did not mind. Then he showed me the modern black cabinetry that he liked along with gray, black and white pattern granite in the shower stall and I knew that his BIG idea was to gut the bathroom with a sledge hammer.

Here are some photographs of bathroom designs that appeal to many men including my husband. Note the style is modern and the colors are black, white and gray with nickle or shiny chrome accents, along with neutral stone floor.

I would prefer that he would find another way to express his personal style because gutting the bathroom to make it ultra modern, uncluttered with a streamline appearance bathroom would not work with our finances or the design of our southwest adobe home.

I decided to try and compromise with my husband.

Since he likes the colors; black, white and gray. I told him that I thought it would be better if he did a cosmetic remodeling of the bathroom rather then gutting it. I suggested that he make a list of what he wants and then I would do a design board to show him the cosmetic changes.

I shopped at home improvement stores to get ideas, took photographs of products I thought he would like and then presented the paint colors for the walls, hardware update for shower door, faucets, and towel brackets. There was enough money for a black double door cabinetry, plus a new sink with granite top. I shopped online at Wayfair.com and found some bath towels that would look really nice in husbands bathroom and also found bath accessories.

Lucky me my husband agreed that the cosmetic improvements will appeal to his needs and agrees that it is better to not put all of remodeling budget into one project.

Know that when it comes to a man it is best to draw out or do a design board to show them your design ideas. Many times when they see that men see the cosmetic remodel l that is all the need to put down the sledge hammer and forget about taking out an interior wall.

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