Saturday, July 25, 2015

Shopping for Vintage Style Bathroom Decor

Today woke up early, got dressed and was up out the door at 7:30 AM.   Presently the weather is extremely hot so I wanted to get my shopping done.  I Shopped at the antique mall because I was looking for the cut glass perfume bottles, did not find any so I went  to Hobby Lobby to shop for vintage style bathroom decor.
I really like Hobby Lobby because their inventory is always current, with new merchandise coming in weekly so whenever you shop there everything looks fresh. They also have great sales.  
Decorate bathroom with silk flowers in a ceramic vase

This week I was working on updating my guest bathroom and needed some cute décor items to add some pop to the room. I found a silk fern in a ceramic planter that was on sale and it was exactly what I needed for on top of my linen cabinet. I also found a night light that was shaped like a vintage bathtub and bought it.

Here is a video that offers some decorating tips for vintage style bathroom.

I left Hobby Lobby and thought I would go to the mall but changed my mind and headed home. Knew that there was a sale at and thought I would shop there and take advantage of their store-wide discount/coupons.  I am happy that I checked out zazzle because I found some cute decorations for my guest bathroom.

Here a few of my finds:

Vintage Bathroom Posters

Old Fashioned Bathroom Poster
Old Fashioned Bathroom Poster by wildapple
View Bath Posters online at zazzle

Glass Tile Bath Poster
Glass Tile Bath Poster by wildapple
Check out more Bath Posters at Zazzle

Delicate Vintage French "Le Bain"
Bathroom Decor Soap Dispenser
Delicate Vintage French "Le Bain" Bathroom Decor Soap Dispenser by riverme
Check out more Bathroom Toothbrush Holder and Soap Dispenser Set at Zazzle

Friday, July 10, 2015

Decorating Space with Gray Color

Gray is a color that  many people forget about when decorating their home. I am not sure why but do know that it is a color that can be used like black and that it is complimentary to many colors. Gray for me is a neutral color, not a strong contrast like black. Shades of gray can be so eye appealing when added to a space.

Don't be afraid do decorate your home with gray. Gray color looks fabulous when used in a pastel color theme. I personally love using gray color with the colors pink, yellow, green and blue. Here is a set that I created at polyvore that will show you how lovely the gray color looks when used to accent this classic space.

This living room set features the colors yellow and pale gray.  The combination of these two colors is fabulous.  Do you agree?  I accessorized the room with throw pillows, table lamp, yellow rose picture on the wall. 

Gray  painted walls and  frame decoration above fireplace add  interest.  Add a gray accent chair then pop up the color with throw pillows and other home accents.  Add a variety of shades of gray color, plus white and yellow and all colors come together to make a cozy living space.

Gray Room Inspriation

Gray Room Inspiration by sgolis

Another gray color scheme that I really like is gray and blue. Gray would be your primary color and I would suggest that you paint the walls and do a floor covering in gray; area carpet, stone, ceramic tile or stained gray hardwoods. Then accent the room with blue sofa, accent chair and gray and blue print pillows plus other home décor accessories.

Here is a gray and blue patio set that I created for covered sun room.

Black white and shades of gray make for a dramatic space. These colors can stand alone or they can be accented with another color; red, blue, yellow, pink, green are a few of my favorite colors that look terrific when added in a few areas of the space just to add pop to the space. These colors would be accent colors and you would add to focal areas like coffee table or feature wall. Just enough color for the wow factor. Know that black white and gray are stand alone colors that work well together.

Here are two home sets that I designed at polyvore that will show you what I mean. The first set is the black, white and shades of gray and the second I have added the color yellow.

Modern Living in Black and White

Modern Living in Black and White designed by sgolis Featuring black and white canvas,  an original work of art by Sgolis

And here is a black and gray set where I used the color yellow as the accent. You can see that it makes the room pop and adds a good balance of color.

I hope these interior design ideas have inspired you to decorate with the color gray. 

Best regards Susan

Monday, July 6, 2015

Christmas in July

This week I am busy working on a Christmas in July promotion for my All Stores Holiday Products facebook page. 

I oversee this page with the help of my co-Admins Sandyspider and Amber Sluiter.  Both Amber and Sandy are talented print on demand designers that I admire because they are so very talented.  They both are a great help to me with overseeing this popular holiday products and personal shopping services page.

Know that July is a month that many retailers start special Christmas promotions so Sandy and I thought we would do the same by giving our followers a sneak peak at what we have created in our print on demand shops and other products that we have found online that we think are must haves. So starting on July 16th we will be featuring Christmas in July at our facebook page.

I hope that this promotion is a great success as the holiday season will be here very soon. I think it is always best to buy what we need ahead of time before everything is sold out or you have to wait for things to be shipped. When it comes to decorating my home for the Holidays I want everything organized and ready to go.

Here are some home sets that I created at These sets offer decorating ideas for your Christmas home.   

Christmas Poinsettia Bedroom

Vintage Style Christmas

Silver Snowflake Christmas

Saturday, July 4, 2015

HGTV Home Design Projects are Not Reality

My husband watches the home improvement shows on HGTV and gets motivated. But when the project does not come together as fast and efficiently as he would like he gets discourage.

Know that my husband has completed many projects, and has done a good job. When he applies what he learns from the experts at home depot store. But if he runs into a problem then he does become discouraged and tends to shut the door and then gets angry with the HGTV shows because they are not reality.
The home improvement show shows the realtor and his brother; one guy and the home owners doing all the work and this makes my husband think he can do the same. Normally the show indicates that an entire house is renovated in a matter of 3 to 4 weeks. I say Nope, NO Way, Not reality. I am certain there is entire design team working behind the scenes to get the design project completed.
If you want to do the home improvement yourself the best thing that you can do is have a plan of what you want to accomplish, make a list and design a project makeover, get that design checked by a contractor to make sure it works with your floor plan and then do the work yourself or hire a handyman.

Finish the entire home project before moving onto something else. That is the only way to take on a house renovation without getting overwhelmed and frustrated. Plus remember that the HGTV shows have a design team working on the project and it is never one or two people doing the work.

Getting Motivated to Finish Bathroom Design

I am the first one to say “we can do this” and I will go to my desk and draw out a design that is then agreed upon by my husband before starting any project. We are both inspired and are okay to dedicate the time and energy to get the job done.
With that said some of my design projects do come together easily while others because a makeover nightmare. We run into unforeseen problems like water damage or water leak, faulty wiring and the easy and quick renovation turns into a money pit.
That is when my husband puts on blinders and pretends that he does not see the project that has gone wrong, he will close the door and walk away. He may start another project, and if it is easy he will complete that one but anything challenging no way.
When my husband and I get discouraged I will say “lets hire a handy man” and that is when my husband “wakes up” he replies “I will complete the work, I can do it and there is no way I am going to pay somebody else $30 an hours to do a job that I can do.”
Know that I do not like to rant, however sometimes you really have to especially if you want to get a project that was put pushed back completed.
So the new plan is that I will work on a redecorating design plan while husband works on the installation of new sink in bathroom. I am thinking a black and white and red theme would work well because this full bathroom is close to my husband office and basement bedroom that are the same color theme.
Know that recently I designed a new girly black and red lipstick collection and think I can add a few of these modern products to add a woman’s touch.
Here is a design board that shows you my plans for this bathroom project.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Design Ideas for Laundry Room Makeover

What started out to be an organized and easy laundry room makeover turned into a costly project in a matter of minutes. A few days ago I decided to redesign the laundry room and thought the project would come together and be completed in a few days. 

 My design consisted of moving the laundry appliances from the mudroom to a hall closet. I drew out a design that would allow me to have a private laundry room. Then the mudroom would feature oak cabinets and additional storage with shelves to feature home decorations.
So I started my laundry room makeover project today.
  1. Removed the clothing racks and shelves from the hall closet.
  2. Patched the holes in the walls and sanded them so walls were smooth
  3. Removed the faded Berber carpeting and padding.

I was hoping to find hardwood flooring under the carpet pad but instead I found a half inch sheet of plywood. I called my friend to have a look and to see if I should remove the plywood. He suspected that there was hardwoods underneath and we removed them only to find that there must have been a water leak because the hardwood floor had rotted out. 
This rotted wood discovery is not good because the floor is not strong enough to support a double stack washer and dryer. In fact it is dangerous. At the moment my laundry room project has been scraped because I must fix the floor where there was a water leak.

So going forward the double stack washer and dryer will be installed in the mudroom and neighbor will install oak cabinets to conceal the look of the appliances. This will make my side entrance more eye appealing and welcoming. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Space Saver Ideas for Small Bedroom

Okay so you have a small bedroom and you want to make the most out of your space, then I would change the color of the room by painting the walls and adding mirrors to make the room appear bigger.
Once the room is painted you need to decide if the furniture in this bedroom is right or if it would better to utilize furniture that saved space. Most people buy bedroom sets for their small bedrooms and these sets of furniture tend to take up a lot of space. When it comes to decorating a small bedroom I like to utilize built ins whenever possible; bookshelves with cabinets, and storage drawers under the bed.
Here is a home set that I created at  This bedroom design set will show you what I mean by built ins for the bedroom.  I am sure you will see that the specialty beds with drawers underneath omit the need for a chest of drawers or dresser and thus you have saved space and you can now add a chair or small computer desk.

Here are the pillows that I used in decorating the blue and white bedroom:

Blue Monogram Throw Pillow
Blue Monogram Throw Pillow by Susang6
Check out these Pillows at Zazzle

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Remodeling Idea for Laundry Room

I want to create a space for my washer and drying that enable me to close the door and keep this area private. So I have been studying my pantry and think I have up with an idea that will make me happy.

Know that this space was never a pantry, it was at one time the landing to the steps to the basement but the owner of the house before me removed the steps and closed off this area. He turned into a storage closet, then my husband turned it into a pantry and now I am going to turn it into a laundry room.

Presently when you enter my home using the side door you have to come in through the mudroom, this is where I have my washer and dryer. This entrance means my laundry has to be perfect all the time and that everybody sees my hamper of dirty clothes. So the pantry would be ideal laundry room because there is enough space for a stacked washer and dryer and there is a door.

Once the washer and dryer is installed I then can redecorate the mudroom. This area would be more appealing if there were lovely oak cabinets on the wall with eye appealing décor on top.

I can install cabinets for storage and decorate the top of the cabinets with silk ivy plant and woven baskets, decorative jars, and farm accents. I think the new cabinets and the home decorations will open this area and the mudroom would be more welcoming to guests.

Here is a video that shares some good tips on how to organize your laundry room.

Outdoor Furniture For Summer Gatherings

Now that summer is in full swing you may want to host an outdoor gathering for your friends and or neighbors. If you have an eye appealing outdoor space with outdoor furniture then instead of having guests in your home,  plan an outdoor party.

Know that when planning an outdoor gathering that it is important to have comfortable seating for all.  Patio furniture should have cushion coverings and throw pillows for a cozy and comfortable ambiance.

When it comes to shopping for outdoor furniture you may want to check out the hooded swivel chairs. Personally I love this new style of all weather rattan chair because it looks so cozy. Let the guys to fight over the hammock I want the oh so comfy outdoor patio furniture.

If you have a large lawn you may want to add a gazebo and then decorate it with all weather outdoor furniture.  You can create a cozy space that is so relaxing.  Know that gazebos can be costly but I did find one that I liked at (see bellow in Polyvore set that I designed) 

Here is an outdoor design set that I created at Polvore that will show you what I mean by comfortable outdoor furniture .  Note  I used the gazebo that I found at Target in set here.   The pillows are from my zazzle shop, I created them yellow floral throw pillows from one of my paintings.

Cozy Outdoor Living Space

Cozy Outdoor Living Space by sgolis featuring Crate and Barrel