Friday, July 3, 2015

Design Ideas for Laundry Room Makeover

What started out to be an organized and easy laundry room makeover turned into a costly project in a matter of minutes. A few days ago I decided to redesign the laundry room and thought the project would come together and be completed in a few days. 

 My design consisted of moving the laundry appliances from the mudroom to a hall closet. I drew out a design that would allow me to have a private laundry room. Then the mudroom would feature oak cabinets and additional storage with shelves to feature home decorations.
So I started my laundry room makeover project today.
  1. Removed the clothing racks and shelves from the hall closet.
  2. Patched the holes in the walls and sanded them so walls were smooth
  3. Removed the faded Berber carpeting and padding.

I was hoping to find hardwood flooring under the carpet pad but instead I found a half inch sheet of plywood. I called my friend to have a look and to see if I should remove the plywood. He suspected that there was hardwoods underneath and we removed them only to find that there must have been a water leak because the hardwood floor had rotted out. 
This rotted wood discovery is not good because the floor is not strong enough to support a double stack washer and dryer. In fact it is dangerous. At the moment my laundry room project has been scraped because I must fix the floor where there was a water leak.

So going forward the double stack washer and dryer will be installed in the mudroom and neighbor will install oak cabinets to conceal the look of the appliances. This will make my side entrance more eye appealing and welcoming. 

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