Sunday, January 27, 2013

Purple Floral Home Decorating Tips

When you decorate your home with purple wildflowers your home will feel fresh like a warm spring day.  Here is a collection of spring home accessories that I designed from  a painting  and photographs of spiderwort wildflowers that grow in my gardens. The spiderwort is a native wildflower that grows in shade to part shade in woodland areas. 

The foliage of the spiderwort is dark green with arching leaves that are long and slender. The stems grow out of the center of the plant and bud cluster forms in April followed by flowers in May. This lovely flower will accent your living room or bedroom beautifully.  

You can liven up a monochromatic  purple living room with  coordinating purple and green floral sofa pillow and for the coffee table a spring tile, decorative box, tile or beverage coaster.  Then unite the room accessories together with a complimentary poster or canvas print for your wall. 

View how to accent your purple monochromatic room with textures and floral home accessories by viewing this YouTube video.

Why don't you pour yourself a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to view spring home décor for your living room, kitchen and bedroom.   If you like gardening and growing flowers then you will love these fine designer home accessories..