Saturday, April 19, 2014

Waterscape Bathroom Products for Him

My husband has been after me to create bath accessories that will appeal to a mans taste and so I designed this bath set from an original photograph that I captured at sunset at the Audubon nature center located south of Joplin, Missouri.   

We were walking on the nature trails and discovered this amazing creek with white water. The photo was captured from a bridge that served as a scenic overlook. 

My husband liked the photo and asked me to create bath products for men at my zazzle shop. I did not have to ask why, I knew that his bathroom had a feminie side to it.  

The products that you view here were approved by my husband.  He says;.  "Guys deserve their own bathroom with masculine accessories."

I would recommend that you coordinate this waterscape bath products with matching hand towel and Khaki or olive green towels from  and then add bath rugs and shower curtain.   I was shopping at kohls the other day and find that they have nice bathroom accessorise that are quality at a fair prize. 

Here are my bathroom designs. My member name at zazzle is Susang6 

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For all those men who like to sneak into the bathroom in the middle of the night, light their way so they do not knock anything over. (smile)  Here is a coordinating night light that will go with the waterscape theme. 

Here is the matching flip flop for him.  Guys like to slip into comfortable footwear when they get out of the shower. This shoe will look good in your waterscape theme bathroom as it matches the bath set.

Creek Scene Mens Nature Flip Flops
Creek Scene Mens Nature Flip Flops by Susang6
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