Friday, January 22, 2016

Vintage Style Beaded Valentine's Day Pillow

This year I thought I would feature my friend Sandyspiders vintage home décor pillows because they are perfect for anyone who has a vintage theme for their home.

Sandy has many vintage products at her print on demand shop, greeting cards, gift wrap, throw blanket, wrapping paper and more.  Whenever I visit her shop I go to look at her home decor and find that her retro pillows are lovely.  Here is the ornate throw pillow that Sandy designed.  It can also be viewed in the digital home set design. 

This year she designed a medium burgundy color pillow that has multiple colored beaded wreath that surrounds a singular red heart.  This pillow looks like it belongs in a turn of the century Victorian home. Yes I can see it on a tufted high back sofa in a parlor where the ladies go to sip their afternoon tea.  I can also see this pillow on top of the bed in a guest room or in the doll room.  

The pillow comes in many sizes and the largest size is big enough for your kids to sit on, so no worries if the floor is cold.    Throw pillows have a variety of uses, from decor, to sleeping and yes oh so comfortable for your kids to sit on. 

If you love vintage décor then you will want to decorate your living room with this exquisite pillow.

Here is a living room set that I designed that will show you how lovely this beaded wreath pillow is. In a word this pillow is perfect for Valentine's Day and beyond.

Vintage Valentine's Day

Vintage Valentine's Day by sgolis featuring crystal chandelier lighting

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