Sunday, January 24, 2016

Decorating with Cozy Fleece Blankets

The heat thermostat says 64 and you bet the house feels cold.  So I pulled the cozy fleece blanket from the back side of the sofa and it has enabled me to feel warm.   Know that I like to decorate with pretty pattern fleece blankets instead of putting them away in the linen closet.

Are you wondering what I mean by decorating with blanket?  Well let me show you.  
Here is a set that I designed for +Sandy Mertens it shows one of her throw blankets draped across the side chair.  You can see that this is a good way to accent your home decor.  That the blanket is eye appealing and gives the space a cozy feel.

Modern Living with Gray Stripes

Modern Living with Gray Stripes by sgolis featuring drawer furniture

Know that when it comes to seasonal decorating you can pop up your décor by adding a pattern for your holiday needs. Show off this blanket in your living room, folded or draped on sofa or chair. Another way to use a seasonal blanket is to buy a large blanket and use it as a bed covering, over your comforter. 

For cozy comfort decorate your space with fleece blankets

How to decorated with blankets

While shopping at zazzle I found that they have perfect sized blankets for decorating.  The baby size which is the small can be draped over the back side of chair and if the pattern works with your room theme then this blanket will pop up decor. 

Another way to decorate with your cozy blanket is to hang it like a mural.  The small blankets would look fabulous hanging on the feature wall in a foyer or other feature wall.   Note it is better to hang the blanket off season.

Shopping tips

Before you shop for a cozy fleece blanket you should determine your needs.  Are you shopping for warmth, decor or both?  Note your interior style, is it modern, vintage or classic?  Also note the primary colors in your space.  Now you will know what type of blanket to shop for. 

Here are a few blankets that I designed at my zazzle shop use them wherever you desire coziness. 

Yellow Linen Look Fleece Blanket
Yellow Linen Look Fleece Blanket by Susang6 Cheerful like sunshine

This rustic blanket is perfect for the men who like nature and wildlife.

Rustic Wildlife Pattern Fleece Blanket
Rustic Wildlife Pattern Fleece Blanket by Susang6 You guy will love this

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