Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bathroom Makeover Ideas - Blue Theme

The winter season is a good time to update your home decor  to give it a fresh look.  This week my husband and I  have taken on another bathroom project.  Our bathroom is white and beige with bronze accessories and it looked good in the summer months but now my husband and I are tired of the "natural look"  So it is time for a bathroom makeover.

My husband likes modern, and I like cottage style,so we are compromising by painting the vintage wood cabinet blue, leaving the walls white and then will add blue bathroom accessories.

We shopped around for something we both would like and everything that we saw was not right.  My husband wanted a leather look shower curtain and we found a few but they were not to our liking.

 I had some blue leather swatches that I had been working with in my craft room and pieced them together as a collage,  The grainy leather look  appealed to my husbands taste and I agreed that it did look nice.  So I scanned the collage of leather swatches and then uploaded to my laptop.  Then I edited them to enrich the colors before making blue bathroom accessories at my zazzle shop.  I created a navy leather look shower curtain, bath mat and bath scale.

When it comes to cosmetic bathroom updates, know that this is an inexpensive way to give your space a new look.  We painted the wood bathroom cabinet and also added a blue feature wall.  Then decorated the room with leather look Navy blue shower curtain and accessories.

Here is a set that I designed at polyvore that will show you our bathroom makeover ideas.

Blue Bathroom Accessories

Blue Bathroom Accessories by sgolis featuring plush bath towels

Do you enjoy updating your interior during the winter months?  What spaces have you made over?

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