Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Designing Zazzle Fabric for Home Decor Projects

Today zazzle came out with fabric for crafts and do it yourself decor projects and I am inspired to create fabric patterns using their new design tools.  I have been very busy today designing fabric and I love the outcome, wow the fabrics at zazzle are beautiful and I want to buy them so I can redecorate my home.

Know that today I went to Hobby Lobby to look at fabric for a few of my home projects. I did not find one pattern or fabric texture that said "buy me" or  "don't leave the store without me".

 All of the fabrics at the hobby store  looked the same to me. The texture and weight of the fabric would not hold up if used to cover my kitchen chairs. So I came home from shopping bag-less and thought I would drive to the city next week to check out the shops that had upholstery fabric.

Then I went to zazzle.com and came across the  page that showed the seven fabric types and I knew that I could work with these fabrics, no need to drive to the city I can shop for everything that I need online.

Fabrics Available at Zazzle

Combed cotton
Prima Cotton
Cotton Twill
Polyester Poplin
Polyester Weave
Ivory Linen
Natural Linen

While these fabrics may be little costly, I am going to take advantage of the zazzle sales and buy fabric for my sewing projects  like covering my dining room chairs, making my own throw pillows, making drapes, valances and would love to make slip covers for my accent chairs.

If you are like me and desire fabrics that are high quality and have a unique design then check out zazzle  and get inspired to redecorate your home.  Here are a few of my fabric designs. Click on the link bellow the fabric image to view a larger image or to buy at my  zazzle shop. View all of my fabric patterns at my Susang6 NEW PRODUCTS.

Blue and Red Geometric Fabric   I created this pattern with a mirrored effect and I love it!

Red Rose with Black Floral Print Fabric this is a mirrored effect also but the design is tighter.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Season Throw Pillows from Zazzle

When it comes to decorating for the winter season I prefer to accent my home with nature designs. Throw pillows that feature a winter landscape, bare tree branches or wildlife. These pillows are a way to bring the outdoors indoors and they seem to blend well with the winter season.

Season Change: Winter Throw Pilliows

Season Change: Winter Throw Pillows by sgolis 

Black, gray and white along with red are the colors I use during the winter season.  I will accent the space with throw pillow with patterns that compliment this color theme.

These accent pillows feature the bare branches on the trees, or snowy landscape. As an example I will feature a black and white winter landscape of trees printed on a square pillow with an accent red pillow.   The red pillow will add warmth and will pop up the room décor and make the space look both eye appealing and inviting.
Here are a few winter season pillows that I found at zazzle.com.  The pillows from Susang6 shop are my designs and I created them from my original photographs.

If you would like to learn more about coupon codes or what is on sale at zazzle now then go here

Same pillow design as above, different size and turned it over to solid gray color. Now this pillow is an accent pillow to the winter season landscape pillow.
Snowy Winter Landscape Throw Pillow Throw Pillow
SnowyWinter Landscape Throw Pillow Throw Pillow flip side

Black and White Whitetail Deer Throw Pillow
Black and White Whitetail Deer Throw Pillow (flip side to deer pillow)

Black and white Oak Trees, bare branches in winter will coordinate with black or gray accent pillow then pop up all of these pillow colors by adding a solid red pillow or white pillow with winter theme, like a deer with a touch of red.

Coordinate any black and white winter season pillows with a red accent pillow and pop up your room décor by adding a warm color to the mix.
Red Accent Throw Pillow
RedAccent Throw Pillow by Susang6 
Check out these Pillows at Zazzle

Husband Likes Masculine Style for HIS Bathroom

My husband is off three days out of the week and due to the more time at home he is becoming interested in way his bathroom is decorated. In fact he is spending time at Lowe's bathroom center getting ideas on what he would like to change / remodel.  He wants his bathroom to be more masculine and one that would express his style.

Husband showed me a bathroom set up that he liked in a magazine. It certainly was masculine and I saw that the colors were dark; black, white and shades of gray. He wanted to change out the shower with granite tiles and I would prefer that he would find another way to express his personal style because gutting the bathroom to make it ultra modern, uncluttered with a streamline appearance would not work with our finances or the design of our home.

Since husbands style is modern and he likes the colors; black, silver and gray. I told him that I thought it would be better if he did some cosmetic changes rather than breaking up the bathroom with a sledge hammer.

I suggested that he change out the hardware; faucet, shower doors,  sink, cabinet, and he could update the floor with modern bathroom rug by the vanity cabinetry. Husband could then shop for his style at amazon.com zazzle.com and Gilt.com any of these online shops would offer him his “style” bath towels, shower curtain, bath accessories and framed modern picture for his modern space.

Here is a bathroom set that I created at polyvore.com that features black and white color theme with splashes of red. 

Red and Black Bathroom

Red and Black Bathroom by sgolis 
Here are the zazzle.com products that I used in this bathroom redo.  The poster shown has a frame know that the frame is an extra fee if you are interested.  I personally prefer having the posters framed and ready to hang, rather than taking them to Hobby Lobby and picking out frame, then waiting for work to be done. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Keeping Warm by the Cozy Fireplace

I am feeling like I am getting sick as I am so cold but the house is not. Since I cannot seem to get warm husband built a fire by using color changing pincones as kindling to start the fire and to add interest to the flames. I have been sitting here sipping my tea and watching the fire and the chill I was feeling is gone. A fireplace sure does make the room feel cozy.

Throw pillows and a fleece blanket also make the room feel warm and cozy. This time of the year my floors are cold so I put down area rugs and runners and they serve as good insulation and keep the room warmer in winter. Also added a few accents of red color because it is a color that will make the room feel warmer.

We have a wood burning fireplace ut if you do not have one you can always buy an electric fireplace with a wood mantle and the ambiance of he wood burning will make you feel warmer this winter.

Here is a set that I created at polyvore of a room with fireplace and stone hearth. I decorated this room with my plott hound accessories from my Susang6 zazzle.com shop and accented the natural colors with two red pillows.

Cozy Bedroom Inspiration

Everyone's cozy bedroom inspiration is different, some want the ambiance of a fireplace, others want to listen to music and some want to pull the covers over their head and sleep all day in their cozy bed.

My cozy bedroom inspiration would have crisp clean cotton sheets that are sprayed with lavender herbal linen spray so that my bedroom has the scent of a french countryside when the lavender flowers are in bloom.  

Then I would like a variety of throw pillows, silky pajamas or gown, dark drapes to conceal the light and breakfast in bed. After breakfast a nap and then in the afternoon  a board game, or 3D jigsaw puzzle or classic movies.

A relaxing day in a cozy bedroom is what I need to fee rejuvenated.  How about you do you want to decorate your room with cozy bedding?  Here are a few cozy bedroom designs that I created using the polyvore tool. The bedroom sets will give you decor ideas so you can design your own cozy bedroom.

If you are interested in any of the products seen in the image then click onto the hyperlink and it will take you to my polyvore profile where you can shop for all the products that are viewed.

 Shown bellow the set are the products that I have designed at my Susang6 zazzle.com shop.  Enjoy the cozy bedroom decor ideas and I hope you get inspired to decorate.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Golf Theme Home Office Project

Husband has a golf man cave and now he wants a home office. I am okay with this since the office will be adjoining the man cave in our basement. There is room for this extra space and husbands need to have a place to go that they enjoy.

Before Christmas husband announced that he wanted to remodel his man cave so that it would have a golf theme. He wanted show off all of his golf themed products that he found at zazzle.com and also his deceased Dads golf collectibles and memorabilia . It was a good idea and we created a space for husbands golf themed man cave in the basement. When all was said and done all he needed was an indoor putting green and Santa gave him that for Christmas. Now he wants a home office and I think it is a great idea.

To create this space should be fairly easy as there is more than enough room in the man cave. Instead of installing walls with a door I was thinking that a room divider is all we will be needing.

We picked out a neutral beige wallpaper and then a man size wood desk along with comfortable leather desk chair, and book case. Found a green circular rug for under desk and chair area at polyore.com that will look good in this office space. Then all is needed is his computer, kindle reader, phone and golf decorations. This home office was put together in a day and now husband is really happy.

Here is the room design that we used to create my husbands golf theme home office. View a few of the products used to accent this room bellow. If you would like to buy and of the products shown click on the highlighted words that are bellow the images.

Create a collage of golf theme posters for your feature wall in the home office. This wall of art will keep you guy or husband entertained.  Accent home office with golf essentials, from practical to not so much. All golf accessories are okay for this space.