Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Designing Invitations for Groupon

This week when I visited my zazzle store I found that I was invited to submit my flat 5/7, glossy card and invitation designs to the My Groupon Products program on zazzle. For me, this invitation was an honor since I do not design flat cards or invitations. Yes, I have designed flat cards and invitations in the past for customers but never for approval for likes of an organization like Groupon.

I was up for the challenge and designed six-holiday type invitations. I worked tirelessly for a week on the invitations and when they were completed I tagged them for zazzle approval and four of the six were selected for the program.

Know that there are other designers on zazzle that have tremendous talent and I did not think I had shot at getting accepted, so when I found my product designs on the Groupon page at zazzle I was thrilled.

The invitations are available for the membership Groupon discount and they are also available for purchase by the general public. So for the print on demand designer, this is a win-win because of the exposure.  It is a wonderful way to get new customers.

Here is my invitation widget, click the blue text under the products to view at my zazzle store.

Now that my invitation designs are completed I will get back to designing products for home décor.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Decorating Tips for a Masculine Living Room

Many men have their own apartments or homes and they want a nicely decorated space where they can have friends over for gatherings or entertain by hosting dinner parties and such.  I find that men that are professionals or men who enjoy entertaining guest in their home, desire a masculine modern space that is not cluttered and does not look like a college dorm or man cave.

Here is a masculine black home set that I designed to show one of my clients how to decorate their space.

Masculine Modern Home Decor

Recently I helped a friend of mine to decorate his living room. He had just moved into an apartment and needed help with setting up the seating area and choosing the right sofa. 

Since his apartment was empty I was able to use tape on the floor to show him the seating and table arrangement that I thought would work. He decided on a sofa, two chairs, and a coffee table. No end tables were desired, he thought a ceiling fan was a good idea, overhead lighting with a dimmer switch and a few framed posters for the walls.

Decorating Tips
  1. Buy masculine throw pillows faux leather look.
  2. Add ambiance and also protect wood floor by sofa with an area rug to go under the coffee table.
  3. Create a cozy and comfortable space with framed posters and decor clock on feature walls
  4. Consider bamboo shades for the windows that have a privacy lining
  5. TV mount for the wall.
Gears Design Industrial Steampunk Wall Clock

I suggested that he buy his sofa first, then pillows. He thought one pillow would be good. So I told my friend that guys like a lot of throw pillows. Know that It is best to buy two square, two lumbar and one round or accent Arrange them on the sofa and these pillows will enable all to feel more comfortable, plus they make the sofa look cozy.

I offered my shopping service and he liked the idea of me gathering pillows from online that would look good with a dark brown sofa.  

Here are a few pillows that I found at They were created by designers and you will not find them at the mall.  
If you like the masculine pillows then you can shop for everything viewed by clicking on the link. You can buy as shown or design your own from a photograph.

Friday, March 3, 2017

5 Spring Home Decor Ideas

This morning I got a call from one of my friends who said that she wanted to decorate her home for the spring season. She preferred that the decorations be for adults. 

Normally my friend will set a vintage style vase of tulips on the dining table and call it her spring decorations. This year her kids are visiting and she wants her home to appear more festive, cozy and welcoming.

Her wants are simple decorations that will provide a look of spring but would not be expensive. She also wanted to decorate her home now and keep it throughout the spring season.

Here are a few simple decorating ideas

1. Create a spring-like entrance to your home by painting the foyer wall a pale yellow. This cheerful color is a natural way to add positive energy, make a small area look bigger and the color is complementary to all pastel colors.
2. Decorate this feature wall with a spring floral painting or framed poster. Add a foyer table with silk or fresh cut spring tulips, daffodils, hyacinths or lilacs. A spring style figurine by Jim Shore would compliment the arrangement or a pretty glass or crystal votive with a candle.
3. Add spring pastel color to your living room and guest bedroom by accenting your space with floral pattern throw pillows. Choose prints that are of flowers that bloom in spring. Example; a daffodil floral pillow (yellow, white and green) would look fabulous with a yellow white and green stripe pillow. Then add to the mix a solid yellow, or green color no print pillow. Three or more pillows would look eye appealing. Choose from a variety of sizes as they will add interest to your decorations.
4. Spring weather can be cool and you may want to drape a seasonal pattern blanket on the backside of your accent chair or sofa. Pretty floral prints, or colorful butterflies would look nice as long as the color of the blanket is the same as your color scheme.
5. Accent your front door with a silk spring season wreath and change out your doormat to one with a spring theme.
Cute Grass, Bunny and Daffodils Easter Doormat

Here are a few of my spring season home-products I designed to inspire my friend to decorate. Click on the link to view or to buy any of the products.

Monogram Daisy Flower Wreath Tripod Lamp

Spring Green and White Floral Print Hand Towel

White Daffodils Garden Pillow

Yellow and White Irises Garden Round Pillow