Sunday, December 27, 2015

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas for Coffee Table

The coffee table in my home the source for entertainment and also a nice resting spot for morning, afternoon and at night coffee mugs and glasses. But this table is more than a resting area for beverages that are arms reach from the sofa it is the go to place in the living room for things to do.

This afternoon I was looking at my coffee table and decided to make some updates because I thought it would also be nice to decorate the living room for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Home Decor
Valentine's Day Home Decor by sgolis featuring home accessories

I do not have many decorations for this holiday and thought if I covered the coffee table with a rose pattern tablecloth that this would make a nice focal area. Then all I would need to do is add a few accessories.

I set a centerpiece with with silk red roses and greenery in the center. Then off to the side is a stack of interior decorating magazines. Behind the centerpiece is a stack of beverage coasters and a puzzle. A box of chocolates and the remote control for the TV is also on the coffee table along with notepad, pen and my laptop computer.

You may think that the coffee table has too much clutter but I would disagree because this table features everything that my family needs and all things are arranged neatly so that it appears appealing. Know that at night I do light the candle in the centerpiece and the warm glow does add a cozy feeling to the living room.


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