Saturday, January 2, 2016

Valentine's Day Kitchen or Hand Towels

Turn the heat up in your kitchen with Valentine's Day patterned kitchen towels. The red  and pink hearts or red rose pattern towels will certainly make you kitchen feel more cozy. 

When it comes to decorating for Valentine's Day you do not have to decorate over the top,  it is not a holiday like Christmas, but do decorate because it is winter and it is fun to add a fresh look to your kitchen

If you have young children then it is always nice to do a little extra decorating. Even if  you have adults in your home and you just want to pop up the ambiance a little you can accent your space with Valentine's Day themed kitchen or hand towels.  The cheerful pattern will improve everyone's mood.

Valentine's Day is fun so lets decorate the kitchen by adding some red or pink color.

Know that you would not want to hide these colorful towels in a drawer.   No these towels are for showing off. Hang them on your oven handle, on your bakers rack.  Coordinate your towels with other kitchen accessories like coffee mugs, tablecloth or holiday party paper plates.

Here are some Valentine's Day kitchen or hand towels that I recommend.  Note these towels are a good size for hand towels in the bathroom also.  

Red Rose Trim on Black Hand or Kitchen Towel
Red Rose Trim on Black Hand or Kitchen Towel by Susang6
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