Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Craft / Sewing Room Inspiration

For the longest time my craft/sewing room was a renovated pantry that was long and narrow. I tried moving my hobby desk every which way but never felt comfortable and when the door was closed it was awful. So my handy husband turned the our small bedroom into a craft room.
Whenever we plan a project the work will done together. Normally I will draw out the plans and take the measurements and my husband is the laborer. Then I will decorate.
Granted that area in the house will be tore up for a few days but the out come will be great and we will save money do the work ourselves.
So today I am going to get a head start on our upcoming home remodel by removing the furniture and then I will paint the walls a pastel yellow. I do not want to paint the walls dark colors because the room may feel closed in. Then instead of a drape on the window I thought I would do white shutters and on the wall next to the window I would add a mirror

.*The above home set is a digital design or my inspiration room. This set was created at polyvore.com

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Decorating with Cozy Fleece Blankets

The heat thermostat says 64 and you bet the house feels cold.  So I pulled the cozy fleece blanket from the back side of the sofa and it has enabled me to feel warm.   Know that I like to decorate with pretty pattern fleece blankets instead of putting them away in the linen closet.

Are you wondering what I mean by decorating with blanket?  Well let me show you.  
Here is a set that I designed for +Sandy Mertens it shows one of her throw blankets draped across the side chair.  You can see that this is a good way to accent your home decor.  That the blanket is eye appealing and gives the space a cozy feel.

Modern Living with Gray Stripes

Modern Living with Gray Stripes by sgolis featuring drawer furniture

Know that when it comes to seasonal decorating you can pop up your décor by adding a pattern for your holiday needs. Show off this blanket in your living room, folded or draped on sofa or chair. Another way to use a seasonal blanket is to buy a large blanket and use it as a bed covering, over your comforter. 

For cozy comfort decorate your space with  Zazzle.com fleece blankets

How to decorated with blankets

While shopping at zazzle I found that they have perfect sized blankets for decorating.  The baby size which is the small can be draped over the back side of chair and if the pattern works with your room theme then this blanket will pop up decor. 

Another way to decorate with your cozy blanket is to hang it like a mural.  The small blankets would look fabulous hanging on the feature wall in a foyer or other feature wall.   Note it is better to hang the blanket off season.

Shopping tips

Before you shop for a cozy fleece blanket you should determine your needs.  Are you shopping for warmth, decor or both?  Note your interior style, is it modern, vintage or classic?  Also note the primary colors in your space.  Now you will know what type of blanket to shop for. 

Here are a few blankets that I designed at my zazzle shop use them wherever you desire coziness. 

Yellow Linen Look Fleece Blanket
Yellow Linen Look Fleece Blanket by Susang6 Cheerful like sunshine

This rustic blanket is perfect for the men who like nature and wildlife.

Rustic Wildlife Pattern Fleece Blanket
Rustic Wildlife Pattern Fleece Blanket by Susang6 You guy will love this

Friday, January 22, 2016

Artistic Coffee Mugs

Everybody has coffee mugs because they are a necessity in our kitchens. We need mugs to drink our coffee, tea and hot cocoa. We also need them for our soup and ice cream. Some mugs go with our dish set other mugs coordinate with our kitchen décor. Then there are seasonal mugs that compliment our decorations. Like I said there are a variety of mug styles. But there are not too many that are artistic.

Artistic are the unique mugs, some are painted by hand and others are created from uploading a photograph from a print on demand online store and some are designed from graphic illustrations. 

I prefer to have an eclectic collection of artistic mugs because in a sense when you hand your friend a mug like this they will mention the artwork and want to learn more. This is a way to break the ice and get others talking . So mugs that are artistic are good for parties when everyone is standing around staring into space. They also show off that you enjoy art.

If you re like me and enjoy a mug that was created by a designer then here are a few of my favorites.

One of the causes that I support is returning the wild mustang horses to freedom. This illustrated  mug  features two wild horses grazing by a stream in winter. If you love the Americas wild horses then I know that this mug will one that you will enjoy.

Black cat in the garden was created from a digital watercolor. The dark fur of this cat looks nice with the green daylilly foliage.

Bombay Black Cat Mug
Bombay Black Cat Mug by Susang6
Create a unique personalize coffee mug from zazzle.com.

Bright and cheerful Black-eyed Susan floral mug. Perfect for summer entertaining and decorating. This yellow flower pattern coffee mug was designed from a digital painting. If you have a yellow, green or white kitchen this mug will compliment the theme beautifully.

This winter forest cat beverage mug was designed from a photograph I took of a feral cat at their thicket den. After a blizzard the cats could not come to the feeding station so I took her food and water to her and also added the straw so she did not have to lie in the snow.

Decorate your kitchen with this pretty spring blooming spiderwort floral mug. This frosted mug was designed from painting of purple spiderworts that grow in my wildflower garden. This mug perfect for spring and summer home décor and lovely for Mother's Day.

Vintage Style Beaded Valentine's Day Pillow

This year I thought I would feature my friend Sandyspiders vintage home décor pillows because they are perfect for anyone who has a vintage theme for their home.

Sandy has many vintage products at her print on demand shop, greeting cards, gift wrap, throw blanket, wrapping paper and more.  Whenever I visit her shop I go to look at her home decor and find that her retro pillows are lovely.  Here is the ornate throw pillow that Sandy designed.  It can also be viewed in the digital home set design. 

This year she designed a medium burgundy color pillow that has multiple colored beaded wreath that surrounds a singular red heart.  This pillow looks like it belongs in a turn of the century Victorian home. Yes I can see it on a tufted high back sofa in a parlor where the ladies go to sip their afternoon tea.  I can also see this pillow on top of the bed in a guest room or in the doll room.  

The pillow comes in many sizes and the largest size is big enough for your kids to sit on, so no worries if the floor is cold.    Throw pillows have a variety of uses, from decor, to sleeping and yes oh so comfortable for your kids to sit on. 

If you love vintage décor then you will want to decorate your living room with this exquisite pillow.

Here is a living room set that I designed that will show you how lovely this beaded wreath pillow is. In a word this pillow is perfect for Valentine's Day and beyond.

Vintage Valentine's Day

Vintage Valentine's Day by sgolis featuring crystal chandelier lighting

View other living room decor ideas here

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bathroom Makeover Ideas - Blue Theme

The winter season is a good time to update your home decor  to give it a fresh look.  This week my husband and I  have taken on another bathroom project.  Our bathroom is white and beige with bronze accessories and it looked good in the summer months but now my husband and I are tired of the "natural look"  So it is time for a bathroom makeover.

My husband likes modern, and I like cottage style,so we are compromising by painting the vintage wood cabinet blue, leaving the walls white and then will add blue bathroom accessories.

We shopped around for something we both would like and everything that we saw was not right.  My husband wanted a leather look shower curtain and we found a few but they were not to our liking.

 I had some blue leather swatches that I had been working with in my craft room and pieced them together as a collage,  The grainy leather look  appealed to my husbands taste and I agreed that it did look nice.  So I scanned the collage of leather swatches and then uploaded to my laptop.  Then I edited them to enrich the colors before making blue bathroom accessories at my zazzle shop.  I created a navy leather look shower curtain, bath mat and bath scale.

When it comes to cosmetic bathroom updates, know that this is an inexpensive way to give your space a new look.  We painted the wood bathroom cabinet and also added a blue feature wall.  Then decorated the room with leather look Navy blue shower curtain and accessories.

Here is a set that I designed at polyvore that will show you our bathroom makeover ideas.

Blue Bathroom Accessories

Blue Bathroom Accessories by sgolis featuring plush bath towels

Do you enjoy updating your interior during the winter months?  What spaces have you made over?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Valentine's Day Kitchen or Hand Towels

Turn the heat up in your kitchen with Valentine's Day patterned kitchen towels. The red  and pink hearts or red rose pattern towels will certainly make you kitchen feel more cozy. 

When it comes to decorating for Valentine's Day you do not have to decorate over the top,  it is not a holiday like Christmas, but do decorate because it is winter and it is fun to add a fresh look to your kitchen

If you have young children then it is always nice to do a little extra decorating. Even if  you have adults in your home and you just want to pop up the ambiance a little you can accent your space with Valentine's Day themed kitchen or hand towels.  The cheerful pattern will improve everyone's mood.

Valentine's Day is fun so lets decorate the kitchen by adding some red or pink color.

Know that you would not want to hide these colorful towels in a drawer.   No these towels are for showing off. Hang them on your oven handle, on your bakers rack.  Coordinate your towels with other kitchen accessories like coffee mugs, tablecloth or holiday party paper plates.

Here are some Valentine's Day kitchen or hand towels that I recommend.  Note these towels are a good size for hand towels in the bathroom also.  

Red Rose Trim on Black Hand or Kitchen Towel
Red Rose Trim on Black Hand or Kitchen Towel by Susang6
Find other Red rose Kitchen Towels at zazzle.com